Posi-Babes Chief State Release Single ‘Reprise’

Posi-Babes Chief State Release Single ‘Reprise’

High-energy pop-punk is one of our favorite sub-genres over here at The Honey Pop. So we’re pretty confident it could be the reason that we dig Vancouver natives Chief State. Posi-Babes, Chief State, a quintet hailing from Vancouver/British Columbia, are about to man-handle the scene.
The best part?! We have a brand new EP to look forward to! March 27th, prepare to have our ears blessed with Chief State’s Tough Love via Mutant League Records. A seven song stacked EP to enjoy, while we impatiently wait as they write their full-length.

Chief State Tough Love Album Art
Photo Source: Chief State’s Official Website

In addition to the album announcement, we also were delivered with debut single and video for ‘ Reprise.’ Not only do we love pop-punk because of their jumpy-feel-good-guitaring, but because they are usually paired up with lyricism that is always relatable. It’s no different here with Chief State, as ‘Reprise’ is about a time in front-man Fraser Simpsons life where he couldn’t help someone he loved. Creating a metaphor of running continuous circles for this person and being trapped doing so. Simpson said that the song ironically flipped and became a personal situation for himself over the past year. He wrapped up his thoughts on the song by saying, “I hope it helps others realize that going in circles and expecting different results is never the answer, no.”

‘Reprise’ Official Music Video

The video-song pairing for ‘Reprise’ reminds what pop-punk is all about as the dudes jam around, look like they are having the best time, and make us reaaaaaally want to check their live show out.

Stay tuned in on all that Chief State here, as we’ll definitely be keeping them on our radar!

Then work your way over to @thehoneypop and tell us what YOU enjoyed about Chief State’s new song.

To learn more about Chief State:

Featured Image: Chief State on Twitter

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