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Sweet Releases — The Ultimate Musical Indulgence

Sweet Releases — The Ultimate Musical Indulgence

Welcome to Sweet Releases, your daily indulgence of all the latest playlist must haves, hand picked and ready to enjoy!

Twice a week just wasn’t enough so our new daily Sweet Releases are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-canceling headphones. These sweet releases are coming at you hard and fast and you don’t need any distractions.

Unconditional Arms — ‘You’re Just As Desperate’

We here at The Honey POP love a good instrumental track especially one as riveting and alluring as ‘You’re Just As Desperate.’ A lot can be said and felt through the power of good music and Unconditional Arms do just that with this latest track. It’s catchy enough to dance too but still makes you feel something, and we are just absolutely vibing with it!

BRKN LOVE — ‘Flies In The Honey’

‘Flies In The Honey’ has a hardcore bass melody, intensifying BRKN LOVE’s already unique sound. The music video offers us some pretty cool visuals as the band tries to portray the importance of never being stuck in one place for too long, you have to go out and enjoy life as much as you can. We love the song and the video and we look forward to what the future has in store for this rock band!

Shallow Pools — ‘BLOOM’

This song is so cute and we love the retro sound the track has! I’m the song, Shallow Pools sings about finding someone who lightens up your life and helps you bloom despite anything you may be dealing with. It’s catchy and meaningful and that is the perfect combo for a hit song! We love it and can’t wait to hear more from this group.

Moby Rich — Yoko Ono(Acoustic)

Wow, the acoustic version of ‘Yoko Ono’ is absolutely incredible! The duos vocals blend so well together and the piano adds an extra element of initmacy. The lyricism is beautiful and MOBY RICH are really showcasing their talent even more in this version of their single. We got literal chills from listening to this!

Middle-Aged Queers — ‘Gary’s Making Biscuits’

‘Gary’s Making Biscuits’ gives off major ‘90s rock vibes and we are digging the bands sound! It’s nostalgic and quirky and we are living for that! The cat in the video adds an extra quirky vibe to the music video and we love it. This single makes us super ecstatic for Middle-Aged Queers debut album, which releases on March 14.

Michelle Kash — ‘Personal Jesus’ Remixes

Danny Verde Remix: Danny Verde turns this song into an epic EDM number that should have up on your feet ready to boogie almost immediately. The techno sound really sends this song to the next level creating a fierce remix!
Joe Maz Remix: EDM is really hot right now and Joe Maz jumped at the opportunity to spice up ‘Personal Jesus’ with his own flare. This remix is HOT and it’s something we didn’t know we needed until we got it!

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How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Releases? Just call us the Candy Man.

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep, Words: Emily Defoor and Kat Voss

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