5 Things We Love About ‘The Thing About Harry’

5 Things We Love About ‘The Thing About Harry’

Freeform’s ‘Love However The FF You Want’ special programming block ended yesterday with the premier of Freeform’s first ever gay rom-com The Thing About Harry.

Did you watch? Cause you should have, and you need to!

In case you didn’t watch (boo you) let’s recap.

The Thing About Harry follows Sam (Jake Borelli) as he is struggles to come to terms with the fact that his high school enemy, Harry (Niko Terho), is an out-and-proud pansexual man that Sam might just have feelings for.

Trust us when we say The Thing About Harry is amazing and definitely worth the watch. And to prove to you why it’s amazing, we’ve come up with 5 things we love about The Thing About Harry:

1. It’s LGBTQ Inclusive

Image Source: Freeform | Parrish Lewis

This one is a given since Freeform literally marketed the film as a gay rom-com which it absolutely is! Sam, our main character, is a gay man who’s been out since high school. He’s been going through a rough patch after breaking up with his best friend and boyfriend. Enter Harry, Sam’s high school enemy who Sam is convinced is straight. Sam quickly learns he shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover because Harry tells Sam that he actually identifies as pansexual.

Yep, The Thing About Harry has two different sexual identities represented — one of which isn’t common in main stream media.

The film does an amazing job exploring what dating is like for Sam and Harry. It also touches on stereotypes that people who identify as pansexual must deal with when mentioning their sexuality.

2. The Dialogue is Swoon Worthy

Image Source: Freeform | Parrish Lewis

Just like every other rom-com out there, the lead characters know how to make each other swoon. Whether it be playful teasing or romantic monologues, The Thing About Harry will definitely make you wish you had someone like Sam or Harry in your life.

It’s not just romantic dialogue either, there’s a few friendship pep talks that are just as swoon-worthy as the romantic dialogue is.

3. It Has All Our Favorite Rom-Com Moments

Image Source: Freeform | Parrish Lewis

All rom-coms have moments that we’ve come to expect and love no matter how cliche they seem. From lust filled gazes to big romantic gestures we love and need them all. Lucky for us, The Thing About Harry delivers on all our favorite rom-com tropes. And the best part is every trope feels familiar and yet somehow better than every other rom-com we’ve seen.

4. It Has An Amazing And Inclusive Message

Image Source: Freeform | Parrish Lewis

Rom-coms don’t always have an impactful message at the end. Usually, it’s something like girl gets boy and that’s that. The Thing About Harry does have a powerful message though.

Sam is initially refuses to let himself fall for Harry because he doesn’t want to get hurt. Harry refuses to open up to Sam about his feelings because he doesn’t want to risk his friendship. Since they’re both lying to each other and themselves, things turn disasterous for some time.

So, what does that tell us? It reminds us that we have to put ourselves out there if we want to be happy. Not only that, but The Thing About Harry also tells us that everyone is entitled to love and happiness regardless of sexual orientation.

5. We Get An Actual Happy Ending

Image Source: Freeform | Parrish Lewis

Rom-com usually have a happy ending but this one is especially special because it depicts a queer couple getting their happily ever after. And queer people getting happy endings isn’t something we see enough in mainstream media. Seriously, if you haven’t watched The Thing About Harry, you need to for the end scene alone — it’ll make you cry happy tears for life.

Now that you know the things we love about The Things About Harry, you need to stop reading and get to watching. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and if you are, well, then you obviously aren’t a fan of rom-coms.

You can watch The Thing About Harry on Hulu and on the Freeform APP.

Have you already seen The Thing About Harry? Did you love it as much as I did? What are your favorite things about it? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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