Superhero HOPEWORLDIANS Donate Enough to Build a HOSPITAL in Honor of j-Hope’s Birthday!

Our Sunshine BTS’s j-hope turns 26 and what an incredible year it has been for him and ARMY. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing ways Hopeworldians are celebrating our Golden Hyung, j-hope!

BTS J-Hope
Image Source: Tenor

Charity Campaigns

ARMY never fails to amaze with the amount of work they do to impact the lives of others. Literal angels. In honour of j-hope’s birthday this year, Chinese ARMY donated enough to build a hospital! This even reached global news!

According to Naver, ARMY across the globe raised over 85.1M won through fundraising projects in honour of j-hope. Check out a thread of some of these amazing projects.

One project which stood out for us was @J-Hope_UK‘s #HOPEfortheChildren charity project which raised over £1K for Glasglow Children’s Hospital Charity, also including other contributions such as toy donations and letter writing.

We previously discussed the wonderful @OneinanARMY and their j-hope project which has had an incredible possitive impact.


j-hope’s ‘Outro: Ego’ dropped in the lead up to the Map Of The Soul: 7 release and in the wake of this, creative ARMY formed a throwback challenge based on the track, popular on both TikTok and Twitter.

Source: tiktok @bluecordial
Source: tiktok @myshki
Source: tiktok @primadontae

Special Messages and Hashtags

Some hashtags were planned on Twitter to celebrate and ARMY took over 10 of the top WorldWide trends, sharing edits, memes and special j-hope moments.

Global Cafe Events

j-hope fansites and fanbases all over the world collaborated to host themed cafe events, including special drinks and freebies.


BT21 are a set of characters made in collaboration between Line Friends and BTS. j-hope created the Mang character and a special animation was released on the rapper’s birthday.

Birthday Livestream

It has been tradition for BTS members to host a livestream on the V Live platform when they reach their birthday. j-hope decided to start his half an hour early as he stated he’d like to spend more time and cross over to his birthday with ARMY.

BTS J-Hope
Image Source: Tenor

Happy Birthday, Hobi! We hope today is as special as you are.

BTS have so much in store for 2020, with their comeback Map Of The Soul: 7 dropping soon. Keep up to date with BTS news here.

How are you celebrating j-hope’s birthday? What are you favourite j-hope moments?  Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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