Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

If you missed the first week of Metal Mondays, have no fear, because we are back with BRUTAL breakdowns for our metal-heads. Full of a unique selection of hardcore, post-hardcore, metal, and more!

This week is nothing different as we start off with a heavy hitter..



Hatebreed, a classic stop in any metal playlist, earns themselves a spot on our roster with their first new song in FOUR YEARS. ‘When The Blade Drops’ gives us a taste of what’s to come from Hatebreed, and we’re impressed cuz’ shit RIPS. Perfecting the recipe of speed, intensity, and brutality, this song has both us and the band hype to see the energy live. Five dope dudes: Jamey Jasta (vocals), Chris Beattie (bass), Frank Novinec (guitar), Wayne Lozinak (guitar), and Matt Byrne (drums) have earned their clout being of GRAMMY Award Nominated status. They have become one of the mot relevant and impactful acts within this genre.

While this track was a special treat, it is not featured on Hatebreed’s eight studio album. What it has done though is gotten everyone hyped for what is to come from them. Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming album and catch them throughout Europe with another fav, Parkway Drive.



Polaris power jams their way back into our hearts after two years. Their debut album, The Mortal Coil, introduced them to the scene and gained them an extensive, and well, totally deserved following. The group knew that after a record like that when the time came for the next one, they’d have some serious Doc Martians to fill. Retreating to the same place they made the first album, The Death of Me was born. Prepare yourselves, because we only have to wait until February 21st for it to be released under SharpTone Records

Most importantly, we also have a killer new single to get us hype for the album. In a Mission Impossible-style video for song ‘Landmine,’ it is said to be their heaviest song to date. With a song that faces you with the realization that the universe doesn’t owe you shit, and you’re going to have to fend for yourself, you can’t help but lose your mind. With handfuls of riffs and headbangs for days, we know all the real ones will dig this big time. 

Stitched Up Heart


Stitched Up Heart gets hella respect from us for not only being a band that rocks, but for also breaking barriers with a female-fronted group in this scene. Created up of Alecia ‘Mixi’ Demner (vocals), James Decker (drums, backing vocals), Merrit Goodwin (guitars), and Randy Mathias (bass, backing vocals), SUP hits us with a new one. 

Single ‘Straitjacket’ from the upcoming album Darkness gives us an anti-love anthem. Full with a messy love life and masochistic heart, according to front-woman Demner. This single is loaded with sick breakdowns while being adorned with her angelic voice. Check this group out for a refreshing uniqueness to rocking the hell out. 



Alright, we are aware that we shout-ed out NJ Hardcore in our last addition of Metal Mondays, but we feel like we have to mention another state’s ode to the genre. That’s right, NEW YORK. Hailing straight out of Long Island, we have to talk about how awesome the scene is in the city that doesn’t sleep. We can prove it with their new music video, ‘Shattering Man.’ Seriously, check it out for yourself to experience a whole new level of breakdowns, one-after-another.

You can find this song on the band’s sophomore full-length album Broken in Refraction released last summer via Pure Noise Records, and if you know, you know, that Pure Noise freaking rocks.



Ending this week’s feature on a lighter note, but it’s obvious this band deserves the spot. Made up of Arik Victor, Brandon Iacometta, Arik Dayan, and Kyle McKnight, Goddamnit delivers us something totally fresh and distinctive. After a collection of 2 full-lengths and 3 EP’s, the band returned to the studio in the summer of 2019. Recording four brand new songs to be featured on a spilt with band Traverse via Creep Records. This band desires to make music on the cusp of punk and post-hardcore. All while combining a dash of emo sounds into the mix. Creating a fresh perspective on the genre on this split, you will find a versatile sound that you can’t help but love.

Thanks for tuning in to our collection of metal on Monday, see you next time!

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Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop Graphic Team

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