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Travel to ‘Québec’ in Tom Goss’ New Music Video

Travel to ‘Québec’ in Tom Goss’ New Music Video

Renowned LGBTQ singer-songwriter Tom Goss started his music career in 2006. Since then, he has gone on to release an astounding 7 albums, which have earned him an incredible 10 million total streams and 12 million views on YouTube. His most recent accomplishment is the release of his brand-new music video for ‘Québec’ on February 13. The star of the video is none other than Daniel Franzese, who you may recognize as the actor who portrayed Damian from Mean Girls. 

The video was filmed in the very same location as the song’s title and Tom digs deep into his own life and relationships in order to share his personal, raw, and genuine experiences with love. In the music video, Tom discovers that Franzese’s character was unfaithful to him, and as a result, Tom himself admits that he is in love with another man. It emphasizes and highlights that life and love are complicated and nothing ever really is easy, something that many of us probably can relate to. The chorus of the song recites the actual heartbreaking words that Tom’s real-life husband said to him:

“We are not us. There is another us to us. We are not special. We are no longer special.”

The video for ‘Québec’ was the most recent collaboration for Tom and his husband after they worked together on the ‘La Bufadora’ music video, which is currently nominated for best “Indie Music Video” at the 2020 Queerties Awards. You can vote for the video to win right here

‘La Bufadora’ was the second single from Tom’s seventh album Territories, which contains 15 tracks (including ‘Québec‘) and was produced by Ian Carmichael. Territories was released in November of 2019 and touches on the themes of the complexity of love.

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