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Facing Facts, Belmont’s New Single ‘Deadweight’ Is A Materpiece

Facing Facts, Belmont’s New Single ‘Deadweight’ Is A Materpiece

Chicago Progressive-Punk. That’s it. That’s our opening line.

If you haven’t dived headfirst into this genre, well, we feel sorry for you. The good news is that we have some news about a band we’re super into. Belmont. Belmont, comprised of five members, including lead vocalist Taz Johnson. Who founded the group in 2014 and released debut EP Vicissitude. Along with Taz are member Brian Lada (drums), Alex Wieringa (bass), and Jason Inguagiato (rhythm guitar).

Belmont Promo
Image Source: Belmont Official Facebook

Since then, the band has released their sophomore EP, and debut full length, which hit #146 on the Billboard 200 ChartWell, get stoked on it because Belmont has officially new EP Reflections due out March 13, 2020, via Pure Noise Records.

Punk Jumping For Joy

While we’re over here, punk jumping for joy, we figured we better give you some insight on how sick this EP will be. Belmont consistently delivers versatile works of art, and Reflections will produce just the same. Taking time to record songs in different places, over an extended period of time brought in an element that is unique to them and their sound. Composing a collection on original ideas, experimentation, and just doing the damn thing (their way), we couldn’t be more eager to hear what they have for us. If this news isn’t enough for our pop-punk princess (and princes) well, we aren’t even close to done. Drummer Brian Ladar shouts outs, “Special thanks to Pure Noise Records, and everyone who made this possible. We will now be going into the studio for our second album,”

Do you hear us?! Now that we’ve discussed what the rest of the EP holds for us, it’s time for us to run our mouths about the release of their new single and video of forthcoming EP’ Deadweight’! Listen, we can’t even begin to say how much this song rocks. But we’re damn sure going to give it our best shot. The video captures the essence of Belmont’s live performance, and trust us; we know that it is unlike any other. We are talking, crowd surfing, two-stepping, smiling from ear to ear. All while the whole crowd yells the lyrics with more passion, then you’ve ever seen before.

Belmont Wants Us To Stay Up Stay Up!

So naturally, we think the song perfectly matches as it eludes unmatchable energy. This song is the third single to drop from the EP following absolute bangers, ‘Stay Up’ and ‘By My Side’ (Yeah this is the part where we tell you to check them out too.. so DO IT.)

These badass dudes head out on tour starting on March 11. In support of Tiny Moving Parts (another very sick and very unique band.) So, be sure to catch these guys if you’re into having a good time and hear them play some of the EP live. We promise you won’t regret it.

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Feautured Image Source: Belmont Official Facebook

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