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This Signed Copy of Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Will Kill Your Mind. Here’s How to Win…

This Signed Copy of Louis Tomlinson’s Walls Will Kill Your Mind. Here’s How to Win…

Louis Tomlinson

It’s been a few weeks since the Louis Tomlinson debut album came out, and Walls has been in heavy rotation on our streaming services. But while streaming is super important, we also love adding to our merch collection and refuse to let physical copies of albums die. After all, there is nothing quite like pressing play on a new CD and just letting it play through.

Louis Tomlinson Walls
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But we get it. There is quite a struggle for fans to be able to buy all versions of the album. So, we at The Honey POP thought we’d be of a helping hand and treat one lucky Louie to a signed copy of Walls!

We’re teaming up with the amazing @KingLWTPromo on this worldwide giveaway for you to be in with the chance of owning your very own CD that has in fact been in the very hands of Mr. Louis Tomlinson himself (or at least the album sleeve, but you get the point!)

Louis Tomlinson
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So, if you’re looking to add this special, limited edition to your merch collection, then you can enter below by our state-of-the-art giveaway form – you’ve gotta be in it to win it! And the more tasks you complete, the higher your chances of winning. Feeling fearless? Then go ahead and enter!

Are you entering the giveaway? What’s your favorite song from Walls? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Looking for more Louis? We’ve gotchu!

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Featured Image Source: Louis Tomlinson via Facebook / Edited by Jazmin Williams

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  • My favourite song from Louis Tomlinson Album Walls it’s Two of Us and I am loving Louis Tomlinson Album Walls because I can’t stop listening to the Album Walls.

  • My favourite song is from Walls is Two Of Us. The very reason of Louis’ ode to his mum and that the song is so raw, pure, genuine, vulnerable and precious. It’s so amazing that it gives me chills all the time I listen to it. I love Louis way too much and winning this giveaway would be a dream come true for me. Louis has a special place in my heart, forever and always. He’s my hero and he’s been saving me every single day. I would never be able to meet him and hug him tightly and tell him how much he means to me. I can’t see his smile on the face or I cant even get a picture with him because I cant afford it. So, winning this giveaway is my last and only chance of getting a close proximity to Louis.

  • The whole album is my fav. There is no skip at all. But i guess out of all of them Two of us still remains my most favourite. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Its was released on my bday 7 march, 2 months aftet my fav aunt died. It helped so much to move on. All the songs have so much to tell and so much of meaningfull lyrics. Its a masterpiece.

  • My favourite song from walls is “Perfect now”. The first time i heard it i started to cry because the lyrics touched my heart and makes me feel more connected with louis in some way 💖

  • Every song on album is beuatifully written n have beautiful melodies! All of them are my fav songs! But i think becoz of my current state of emotions fearless and perfect now just feel so comnected to me! Im so thankful that louis wrote it ! I love him!💓

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