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Eminem: YouTube Billion Views Club, You Want In?

Eminem: YouTube Billion Views Club, You Want In?

If you want in, then you gotta beat the Rap God himself. Eminem has recently been making waves between new singles, rap battling with one of the hottest young rappers, and dropping his album Music To Be Murdered By. It’s easy to say he’s a triple threat, but here’s why!

YouTube Big Three

Eminem’s music video for ‘Rap God’ has made it to the billion views club. Meaning of course that the video has gotten over one billion views. This makes for his third song to make it, the other two are some of his most famous songs, ‘Love the Way you Lie’ ft Rhianna and ‘Not Afraid’. If you haven’t given any of the above songs a listen well… be a part of history and get to it!

Rap God

The album itself is a killer as you can see. With collaborations such as Ed Sheeran, Juice WRLD, Young M.A., and more. Eminem hasn’t been sticking to just rappers and not just the old talent of the rap world. And just so you know it’s not his first time collaborating with Ed Sheeran, here’s our personal favorite!

Music To Be Murdered By

Not Only That…

Eminem has been doing his thing and causing beef like a true rap God. In the past year, he and Machine Gun Kelly went back and forth with a few diss tracks with ‘Rap God’ being part of that. The debate still rages between fans on who won, but we digress.

He put on a stellar performance at the Oscars as well as hitting records for his rap speed and praise around his newest album. Eleven tracks topped on the US Top Tracks Chart within a single week and he’s among the top 40 most viewed artist on YouTube! With over 41M subscribers on YouTube, Eminem is the 4th most subscribed to artist on YouTube.

Making Waves

Eminem has been around for years. We remember bumping to his lyrics before we ever really knew what it was about. And let’s not forget the movie, 8 Mile. Eminem is a rap classic that you should indulge in. Don’t listen to the hate but check it out for yourselves.

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Share your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know who you think won the rap battle. And if you like rap, maybe go check out this article, too?

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