Why We Think New Rules Are The Next Big Thing

Why We Think New Rules Are The Next Big Thing

Get ready to have your ears blessed. English/Irish trio New Rules are set to be the next big thing you’ll hear coming through your speakers, and we at The Honey Pop are pretty darn sure you’re going to love every second of it. The pop trio consists of Nathan Lambert, Ryan Meaney, and Alec McGarry – or an Englishman, an Irishman, and a baby deer, as they like to refer to themselves. So what do they have to offer? Catchy tunes, hilarious Tik Tok content, and so much more. That’s what.

So, What’s Their Story?

The boys currently have their self-titled EP out and it is chock-full of certified bops. Their sound is a dreamy mix of acoustic sweetness and anthemic pop. Imagine if John Mayer and One Direction had a baby…that is New Rules. In 2019, the boys toured with pop powerhouse Little Mix and they absolutely killed it. Their fan following grew and grew and right now they are headlining their very own tour! Yeah, you heard that correctly. They are currently touring Europe (moment of silence for the very sad Americans) and you can grab your tickets here.

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All three of the guys play guitar, sing, and write for the band. Seriously, what more could we ask for? We can’t wait for more music from New Rules and hopefully, we will see them playing shows in America soon as well. We all want to scream the lyrics to ‘Home Sweet Hotel’ too you know!

Have you listened to New Rules yet? What is your favorite song? Are you as obsessed with the boys as we are? Let us know by leaving us a comment below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP while we dance around to the New Rules EP on repeat.

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