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Dreaming of Boy Bands with Betty Who

Dreaming of Boy Bands with Betty Who

From wardrobe to color palette, to cadence Betty Who embodies the age of boy bands and origin of swooning. The choreography is spot on not to mention the outfits. You can surely tell Betty Who had a passion and inspiration.

Betty Who ‘The One’

Betty Who

Jessica Anne Newham is an Australian singer/songwriter better known by her stage name Betty Who. Deemed as severely underrated by her fans in the YouTube comments, we have to agree, just watching her performance in ‘The One’ sends us into the craze we remember from our NSYNC and Back Street Boy days. With moves to match it’s no wonder people in love.

YouTube comment from ‘The One’

The Video

Now the video itself features baggy clothing mixed with tight tops. The colors are neon and pastel. Choreography screams the 90s and 2000s era boy bands. Betty Who sites NSYNC and Backstreet Boys as her inspirations, but the execution is flawless. In a way, this can even be looked at as breaking the gender stereotypes. She comes across as suave and cool, two things boy bands were known for. On the level of Ruby Rose and P!nk she’s showing us girls can be drooled over on a whole new level.

The Lyrics

"So young, naive, when we took the leap
Wanted to be everything you wanted"

With these lyrics, we see the innocence of the boy band era, love-struck and chasing romance. We all drooled over our dreamboats and tried to be everything we needed to be. Direct as the era we were “young, naive”.

"So let me paint you a picture
I'm tired of trying to fix ya
I'm not crying a river for you"

Except for this time, we’re older and know better. We see the games and aren’t playing around and falling like putty in their hands. We are in control. “Tired of trying to fix ya'” we’ve found power in ourselves.

What do you think of the lyrics? Does the music video scream the boy band era to you? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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