K Camp Hits the ‘Lottery’ with Renegade

K Camp Hits the ‘Lottery’ with Renegade

“Yeah, Renegade/Go, go, go, go,” the lyrics that are stuck in everyone’s head’s thanks to the latest viral videos. And because of Tik Tok, K Camp’s track ‘Lottery,’ better know as Renegade, is on everyone’s radar. But he has no one to thank but 14-year-old dancer, Jalaiah Harmon, for her choreography that started this dance craze.

The track has been put in over 23 million Tik Tok videos, some by celebrities we hear about every day like Lizzo or David Dobrik, but we are just now getting to know the face behind the madness as credit is slowly being given where it’s due.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Harmon mentioned: “I was happy when I saw my dance all over, but I wanted credit for it.” As anyone would, and we’re glad she’s finally getting what she deserves!

K Camp has also helped the world learn her name, especially with him dancing with Harmon to his own song on Instagram!

Along with this video with the artist of the now hit song, Harmon has also been featured in magazines as well as on television shows and other Tik Tok videos showing off her skills!

This story will definitely make us think twice about where viral crazes originate the next time we’re up learning choreography for a Tik Tok video. Until then, tweet us your moves @TheHoneyPop or link us to you “renegading” on Facebook!

To learn more about K Camp

To learn more about Jalaiah Harmon

Featured Image Source: K Camp via Instagram

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