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We’re ‘ON’ Top Of The MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Release

We’re ‘ON’ Top Of The MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 Release

BTS are less than 24h away from releasing their new album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, and everyone is already jumping on their seats to hear it. The buildup the group has been setting, releasing amazing related content, is setting up a field where the full album will shine. But that’s not all. MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 is set to be an album where BTS meet their past and tell their 7 year journey as a group, once again. This album is not just a simple release, but a recall of things each member has been through, throughout their path.

New tracks, new units, new solos

MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 consists of a total of 20 tracks, as already released by Big Hit Entertainment. On top of 5 prior released songs, BTS brings 15 new tracks to their record and each one of them raises many questions. Starting with the title single ‘ON,’ which will have a second version featuring the amazing Sia, the track is out to be an energetic Hip Hop. The recent release of the song’s preview – through the group’s TikTok account – has been a hint for the matter.

MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 will also count with individual and unit tracks. The already released ‘Intro: Persona’, ‘Interlude: Shadow,’ and ‘Outro: EGO’ will be the rap line’s individual tunes. But it doesn’t end there, with ‘UGH’ and ‘Respect’ to include rap members on the tracks as well; both as three and two unit groups – RM and SUGA.

As for the vocal line, each member will have their own song once more, a sub unit with members V and Jimin, for ‘Friends’; and lastly, the four member sub unit with ’00:00’. Each song is promised to represent an important piece for each member, being their personalities or a reflection of their path. Their individual songs are set to mostly portray their personal and sincere features and stories.

The album also counts with many interesting collaborations– both track and production wise. The one that has been proclaimed the most – aside from Sia, of course – has to be ‘Louder Than Bombs,’ which involves Troy Sivan. The achievement is all the more excited after listening to both acts openly speak on how they wish to collaborate.

Bulletproof boys eternally

The pieces and bits regarding their history, though, goes on through the entirety of the piece. ‘Boy With Luv‘ had already been a parallel to ‘Boy In Luv‘ from their previous album Skool Luv Affair. But now, they take it one step further with not only ON as a parallel for N.O from O!RUL8,2? – which speaks of rebellion against the system. ‘We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal’ also brings one more piece to ‘We Are Bulletproof pt.2,’ and if you’re an ARMY, you’ll know how important and meaningful this is.

Mostly, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 is, essentially, a bit of each member’s souls. It’s their story, their honesty and feelings; it’s a resonance of what they learned and who they have become through their hard but successful path– not only as BTS, but as human beings.

A journey to any listener and a step in History

Lastly, the album has been breaking records left and right. With over 4M pre-orders it breaks their own record from last year’s MAP OF THE SOUL: Persona as the best-selling South Korean Album. Adding a new step in History, BTS are not only the best selling Korean group, they are one of the best selling acts in with world.

BTS have already released their comeback promotions schedule for America. They will be kicking off with NBC’s “Today Show” and “MTV Fresh Out”, in New York on February 21st.

Don’t lose the release of MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 on February 21st, because it promises a great journey for any listener. You can already presave it on Spotify.

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