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Monsta X show us true love with All About Luv

Monsta X show us true love with All About Luv

Monsta X are the first K-Pop group to release a full English album under an American record label, with All About Luv. The feat did not go unnoticed and media has been going back and forth with opinions on it, but the truth is All About Luv is a good piece and a new proof that the members of Monsta X are versatile and open for any challenge.


Staying true to the title, the album itself speaks of love and each song tells a story. There’s a chill vibe to the general content, a result of the R&B base mixed within the Pop feature. Most songs are unsurprisingly written by the members and for those who know Monsta X well, the lack of rap line’s ferocity is noticeable. Personally, I’m very much into ‘She’s The One’ and ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’ because I’m a sucker for the theatrics of the choruses. But honestly, any of these songs can be put on shuffle inside your car and give you a super enjoyable and enthusiastic ride. But don’t get swayed by All About Luv being a love centered album, because once you pay attention to the lyrics you’ll come to realize each song has a unique form of portraying different types of love.


The change of style in Monsta X is not a new thing for those who pay close attention. Even though the group has been consistent on their intense concept between Japan and Korea, portions of their R&B and smoother Pop can be found in different works. Rap line’s mixtape’s are examples of that – ‘Red Carpet’ and ‘Horizon’ – just like Minhyuk’s trot tape ‘Hongshimi’ just adds to the list. Some have pointed it out has the group losing its identity to fit the market and, well, maybe they did try to fit the market but that’s what you can do upon a label placed in the market.

However, All About Luv is a genuinely good album and the members have input their hard work to it. Experimenting and innovating is something that has been on Monsta X’s core since the beginning. The variation between songs like ‘I Do Love You’, ‘U R’ and titles like ‘Alligator’ or ‘Livin’ It Up’ do show that the boy’s versatility is their brand mark.

New releases

During the past few days the group has also released videos for some of the songs in the album. The videos feature their fans and some of their performances through America. Check ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart No More’ below!

Watch some Monbebe reactions to the latest releases!

What are your thoughts on All About Luv? What song makes your heart flutter? Tell us all about it in @TheHoneyPop

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