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Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s “Shon”shine Wendy

Happy Birthday to Red Velvet’s “Shon”shine Wendy

Today is February 21, and you know what that means? Red Velvet’s beautiful, amazing, fantastic, stunning, gorgeous, out-of-this-world, sweet, talented, hilarious and infectious happy virus Wendy turns 26 years old (27 in Korean age)! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite things about one of our favorite main vocalists!

She’s a Swiftie

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? When Wendy was first introduced to the public, SM Entertainment shared a video of her playing guitar and singing a cover of ‘Speak Now’ by Taylor Swift. When we saw this, our inner Swifties were screaming! Her beautiful vocals easily fill up the room and sweep us all off our feet even through our device screens. Little did we know back then, but this was just the start Wendy’s journey to becoming an incredible member of one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop. It definitely took a lot of courage for her to leave her family and move to another country all on her on, but her tenacity paid off and led her to where she is today.

Her collab stage with Chanyeol

All of the artists that are signed to a company spend many years training for their debut and performing as part of a group. During that time, it’s common for the different artists in the same company to become close with other solo artists and groups. Of course, it is no surprise that EXO and Red Velvet’s members are friends with each other. One of the coolest collabs that occurred between SM artists was when Wendy performed Chanyeol’s OST from Goblin ‘Stay With Me’ alongside him for the SM Town Live Concert. Having two artists from two of the biggest SM boy and girl groups on the same stage was a truly magical experience. Wendy’s soft and sultry voice harmonized perfectly with Chanyeol’s deep vocals, and gave us the crossover we never knew we needed.

Her friendship with Joy

One of the sweetest friendships among the Red Velvet members is WenJoy (Wendy and Joy). It’s so clear to see that over the years these two have gotten extremely close with each other. Joy has never been shy about her love and admiration for Wendy. She is constantly praising her and talking about her, and after Wendy fell during a rehearsal for SBS’s Gayo Daejun event and became injured, Joy has mentioned how much Wendy’s absence has affected her. We hope that Wendy recovers soon so that two of our favorite Red Velvet members can be reunited again.

Her out-of-this-world vocals

Perhaps what Wendy is best known for is her amazing vocal ability, including her incredible range. She is able to hit high notes effortlessly with such intensity. After Wendy’s accident, Red Velvet were forced to continue their performances without her. The group has mentioned how difficult it is for them to sing her parts, and they consistently praise her power vocals. Wendy has such a unique and strong voice that is impossible to replicate, and Red Velvet is not the same without her. She is an irreplaceable member of the group, and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Wendy has made a name for herself as a vocalist both within her group and as an individual artist. She has done covers, released OSTs, and even collabed with John Legend! No matter what a song is about, if Wendy is featured on the track, it’s sure to sound like heaven to our ears.

She can play multiple instruments

When it comes to music, Wendy’s talents go beyond just singing. In addition to being an incredible vocalist, she also plays multiple instruments, including the flute, guitar, piano, and saxophone. Her versatility is truly on another level. Who is doing it like her? No one.

Her memeable facial expressions

The best part about Wendy is hands-down her facial expressions. When she gets extremely surprised or happy, her eyes light up and expand, and her jaws drops. She looks like a cute and adorable meme, and we never want her to lose that look on her face.

The incredible rapping skills we didn’t know she had

Even though Wendy’s assigned role in Red Velvet is as a singer, she also occasionally raps and beatboxes. There have been times where Wendy has performed the parts of the rapper members and she totally killed it!

Her big and generous heart

Out of all of the Red Velvet members, it feels like Wendy is the mom of the group. She is always worrying for and taking care of her other members. She has a big heart and isn’t afraid to share her love and affection with all those around her. Whether it’s giving her members a shoulder to rest their head on, wiping their sweat, or making sure they stay hydrated, Wendy is always there to make sure that Red Velvet is happy and healthy. She also loves to bake and is constantly using her skills in the kitchen to come up with something sweet and tasty for others. We don’t deserve her!

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She speaks multiple languages

On top of all of her other impressive skills, Wendy is also multilingual. She was born in Korea and grew up in Canada and Korea, and her diverse living situation allowed her to become fluent in Korean and English, and also to learn some Spanish and French. Her countless list of talents never ceases to amaze us, and at this point we’re convinced there’s nothing she can’t do.

Her sweet and funny personality

There are so many talented artists out there that are insanely talented vocalists, but what’s different about Wendy? What makes her stand out? The answer would have to be her beautiful personality. Wendy is super playful, and funny and she always loves to make people laugh. She’s not afraid to embarrass herself by making weird faces and is always ready to get down on the dance floor with some sick moves.

She has a hilarious sense of humor and is a huge adorable dork. Anyone who is around her can’t help but burst into spontaneous laughter and roll on the floor until their lungs hurt. Her silly and easy-going personality makes her extremely charismatic and everyone seems to just gravitate towards her. She’s always happy and her smile can light up an entire room and lift anyone’s mood. Her laugh is extremely infectious, and no matter the struggles she endures, she does her best to stay strong for her loved ones. There is just a warm aura about her that creates an atmosphere where everyone is comfortable, due to her kindness and cheerful nature.

So happiest of birthdays to the sweetest person to ever walk the face of this planet. We love you Wendy and we can’t wait to see you again with your members on stage. Hopefully you can have boba with tapioca pearls soon!

Wendy is like an angel sent down from heaven to bless us all. What are your favorite things about her? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop!

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