Vanessa Carlton Drops Track ‘Miner’s Canary,’ A Taste Of Her Upcoming Album

Vanessa Carlton Drops Track ‘Miner’s Canary,’ A Taste Of Her Upcoming Album

Vanessa Carlton is back with her new song ‘Miner’s Canary!’ A Miner’s Canary is a canary kept in a cage inside of mines because when the birds fell ill, it alerted the miners that the mine was becoming dangerous. In this song, it represents that Vanessa feels like the miner’s canary; “lead me slowly, I am your detective, a living warning sign.” Her vocals in the song give us shivers, and the increasing power of the piano gives us goosebumps.

We can expect more than just this from Vanessa, as she’ll be releasing her album, Love Is An Art, on March 27! That means we won’t have to wait long for new music, which has us stoked. ‘Miner’s Canary’ leaves us needing even more new music from her, we can’t wait to see what her lyricism and piano skills can do on this album.

Listen to ‘Miner’s Canary’ here, or check out the audio on YouTube below!

Tracklist for Love Is An Art:

  1. I Can’t Stay The Same
  2. Companion Star
  3. I Know You Don’t Mean It
  4. Die, Dinosaur
  5. Love Is An Art
  6. Future Pain
  7. Back To Life
  8. Patience
  9. The Only Way To Love
  10. Salesman
  11. Miner’s Canary

Are you loving ‘Miner’s Canary,’ our new fave Vanessa Carlton song? Will you be buying her album and maybe seeing her on tour? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured image source: Cover art for ‘Miner’s Canary’

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