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Your Guyliner Will Forever Be On Point Thanks to Dorian Electra

Your Guyliner Will Forever Be On Point Thanks to Dorian Electra

If you’ve never heard of Dorian Electra, no sweat. We’re happy to introduce you! They’re a gender-fluid pop star that you may have heard on Charli XCX’s mixtape Pop 2. They’re here, they’re queer, and they write super catchy bops that would have anyone dancing along. Electra just released their video for ‘Guyliner’ to promote the release of their- you guessed it- Guyliner!

If you were an avid Myspace user, this song will be a great nostalgia trip for you. Everything from the strong autotune and electronic influences to the bright green fishnet gloves they’re wearing and the coontail-esque hair. It’s a bop and promotes their release of Guyliner, which you can purchase here! Twenty percent of profits benefit the Los Angeles LGBT Center. It’s a cool collectible product and helps a great cause that Dorian Electra is very passionate about!

“I wanted to harken back to the mid 2000s emo/Myspace/scene kid aesthetic because that was a really special cultural moment for masculinity that helped make it more okay for “guys” to wear tight “girl’s” jeans, makeup, have “crazy” hair and be more flamboyant fashion-wise in general,” Electra notes. “The idea of rockstar guys wearing makeup like “guyliner” was definitely something that ultimately made me feel more comfortable wearing makeup myself as a gender fluid person.”

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Time to cover ourselves in this eyeliner in hopes that we look as good as they do. Let us know your thoughts about the video and how much you miss Myspace in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop! Catch us jamming to this song with the other gems released this week.

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