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Sweet Releases Weekend Indulgence

Sweet Releases Weekend Indulgence

Welcome to Sweet Releases your daily indulgence of all the latest playlist must haves, hand picked and ready to enjoy!

Twice a week just wasn’t enough so our new daily Sweet Releases are sure to have you stanning more artists than you have room on your plate!

So, load up on the bonbons, sit back with your noise-canceling headphones. These sweet releases are coming at you hard and fast and you don’t need any distractions.

Emmett Kai — ‘Remember My Name’

Godsmack meets electronic beats. The hypnotic tone of the beginning is reminiscent of ‘Voodoo’. Emmett Kai’s song ‘Remember My Name’ has a deep beating rhythm. With a cult-like quality, it’s easy to see that this new release might just steal your heart.

Wave Break — ‘Out Of Breath’ Music Video

The new age wave of pop/punk emo. Paramore meets My Chemical Romance. Their ballad-like stances appeal to those of us who grew up loving the sweet serenade of Gerard Way. Either way ‘Out Of Breath’ holds the same sentiment, headstrong and eyes blazing, they want their words to be heard. Isn’t that all we ever wanted to begin with?

Local Nomad — ‘Love Is Gone’

Oh the 70s, a time so far yet not so much. ‘Love Is Gone’ will transport you back to that time. Echoing a sentiment few are willing to speak on, the love is truly gone. With lyrics such as “your parents don’t even sleep in the same bed” the picture is pretty clear.

America Part Two — ‘The Bridge’

‘The Bridge’ by America Part Two is powerful track about moving forward and realizing that it’s not your fault. The song starts off with slow, haunting vocals before transitioning into a more fast paced, alt-rock sounding chorus. It’s a lyrically powerful song and if you’re looking for a sign to forgive yourself or you’re trying to move on from something, give it a listen. You can check out some of their other music, such as ‘Talk It Out’ if you like their vibe and want more! We know we already love them and can’t wait to see what they release next!

Caitlyn Smith — ‘Long time Coming’ From Supernova Album

Caitlyn Smith is a supernova of a star and we can’t wait to see her shine! In anticipation of the release of her new album Supernova on March 13th, she has already released a few singles and we couldn’t be more in love. ‘Long Time Coming’ showcases the singer’s vocal talent through powerful, emotional lyrics. ‘Put Me Back Together’ is an ode to that person who can make you feel whole again, even if the rest of the world doesn’t see it. Her voice is soft, yet powerful and really tells a story in each song. If these are just the singles, we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Them Vibes — ‘Why The Funk Not’

Thought classic rock n’ roll was dead? Think again! Them Vibes has exactly the vibes you’re looking for! The retro rock n’ roll group takes its inspiration from icons from the 60s and 70s, which you can hear in songs from their new EP Why The Funk Not. Them Vibes have shared the stage with notable artists such as Joan Jett and Cage the Elephant. Their recent releases ‘Right On’ and ‘Powers Collide’ have that classic, retro rock feel and have us hyped to listen to the rest of the EP! Give it a listen and enter the world of Them Vibes and retro rock n’ roll. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

Las Nubes — Demonize

Smooth, silky vocals are only one way we would describe Las Nubes ’Demonize.’ The groups sound, overall, is pretty retro reminiscent of the ’90s, but the trio inputs their own twist into the music to make it completely their own including the funky guitar riffs heard throughout the track. We have no doubt this trio will surely be topping the charts in no time!

GroundCulture — ‘RealEyes’

The instrumentals in ’RealEyes’ are straight fire! The heavy metal beat combined with the hardcore vocals really adds a level of fierce to this track. GroundCulture are no doubt going to take over the heavy metal industry if this song is any indication of how their upcoming album is going to be! We literally can’t stop listening!

Introvert — ‘Mending Breaking’

Introvert came to slay with their new EP Mending Breaking, which is equal parts punk rock and heavy metal. Each song has its own unique sound and adds competitive lyricism into the mix, which creates an emotional rollercoaster for listeners. The group really came in hard and heavy to set the music scene ablaze with this EP and we have no doubt they are headed towards huge success!

See Also

Brian Mietz — ‘Glue’

Being one of the older songs on the album there is still a strong sound, it’s an exploration of self and others. The Wheezer influences aren’t lost on us. The garage band count-off really reels you in and the music is a hypnotizing mellow. Melt with us and listen to ‘Glue’. We promise it’ll stick with ya’!

The Daily Buzz

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong generation? Is Stranger Things the inspiration for you aesthetic? Is your Spotify full of 80s music? If you answered yes to any of these questions then boy do we have an event for YOU! The Lost 80’s Live Tour is a yearly, star studded event where fans can go and listen to some of their favorite artists from the 80s. The lineup revolves so every date is different but you can hear acts like The Romantics, Naked Eyes, and The Vapors, and many more. Check out their website and see which artists are coming to the show near you! Grab your neon leg warmers, poof up your hair, and get your tickets fast!

How’s that for a sugar high? With a list like that, can life get any sweeter? We think not.

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Releases? Just call us the Candy Man.

Featured Image Source: Bilge Zeynep, Words: Emily Defoor, Dakota Ash, Aman Shamim and Kat Voss

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