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We Love JP Cooper’s New Song to ‘Bits and Pieces’

We Love JP Cooper’s New Song to ‘Bits and Pieces’

We Love JP Cooper's 'Bits and Pieces'

We’ve all experienced a time in our life where we feel like everything is falling apart and we’re in pieces. JP Cooper’s ‘Bits and Pieces’, written with his collaborator Mr. Hudon, is an exploration of that experience. It’s not only about going through those feelings and experiences but also about having the right person there with you. You know, finding that special someone to help you pick up the bits and pieces.

Give it a listen and experience the emotions for yourself:

JP Cooper’s ‘Bits and Pieces’ is a solid testament to the soulful lyrics and sound he is known for. The melancholy of the track fits his voice beautifully.Whilst his strong vocals definitely compliment the lyrics and all of these elements together really paint the picture of the emotions he is trying to capture with the song.

The singer has made quite the name for himself over the past few years. You might even recognize his name from the 2016 Jonas Blue track ‘Perfect Strangers’ which he co-wrote and lent his vocals to. His other tracks such as ‘In These Arms’ and ‘September Song’ have also been major hits! Why not also check out his debut album We Were Raised Under Grey Skies if you want to hear more!

You can catch JP Cooper on tour in 2020 in the UK and Europe. Tickets are available here.

What do you think, are you gonna go out and support? Are you a fan of ‘Bits and Pieces’? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

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