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Keep Fish Out of the Percolator On Twin Peaks Day!

Keep Fish Out of the Percolator On Twin Peaks Day!

Thirty-one years ago today, five miles south of the Canadian border, 12 miles west of the state line, special agent Dale Cooper had never seen so many trees in his life as he crossed over into Twin Peaks.

Population 51,201. Minus one. Who killed Laura Palmer?

Twin Peaks poster Source: IMDB Twin Peaks

First aired May 23, 1990, Twin Peaks changed the game of television. The mystery thriller, sprinkled with comedy and supernatural occurrences, swam against the current of televised entertainment in its era.

In a time period in which weekly sitcoms dominated boob tubes, each neatly packaged and bow-tied in thirty minute segments, Twin Peaks did something new. One story, continued each week, with episodes sometimes as long as hour and a half long segments and intricate character development and psychological analysis.

I wasn’t alive to see its debut, but I can only imagine how shocking it must’ve been to audiences.


Twin Peaks simply came at the wrong time. Binge-watching Twin Peaks is arguably the best way to watch Twin Peaks. Of course, during the time this wasn’t an option. To keep up with the show, families would have to tune in every Thursday night, take in a large amount of information and retain it for a week.

Twin Peaks was cancelled after its second season.

Since its cancellation, the show became a cult classic among its viewers, but it wasn’t until the digital age of streaming that Twin Peaks’ popularity sky-rocketed. It may have been hard to swallow during its time, but its status in television history cannot be ignored. These days it is regarded as one of the greatest TV series of all time.


So they brought it back for a third season. Original producer, David Lynch came on board to create season 3 in 2017. Lynch left the show in season 2, dissatisfied with its direction. The show became too silly for Lynch, and after Laura Palmer’s killer was revealed, Lynch departed.

Twenty-seven years later, Lynch’s homecoming earmarked the show’s return to glory. By 2017, the Twin Peaks’ following had built into something more than a crowd. Upon season 3’s release, both critical acclaim and audience scores were high. Twin Peaks had made up for a relatively low rated season 2, and ended the show on a high note.

Twin Peaks Day

February 24, the day agent Cooper travelled into the Pacific Northwest town, is recognized as Twin Peaks day. While the federal government probably won’t grant you a day off if you work at the post office, there are ways to celebrate today.

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  • Pour yourself a damn fine cup of hot coffee. Be sure to make it black!
  • Have a slice of pie. The most common variety in Twin Peaks that everyone enjoys is cherry.

  • Have a dance in a room with red curtains.
  • Smell some pine scented (the closest to Douglas fir we can get) car air fresheners.
  • Check out the discount deals some stores may provide for DVD box sets. It’s been done before, and it wouldn’t hurt to check.
  • Give Diane a call. She’s been waiting to hear from you.
  • Tell every Laura you know how lucky you are to have her in your life.
  • Do some upside down stretches in your underwear.
  • Perform the Tibetan Method.
  • Listen to the Twin Peaks theme on Youtube for ten hours straight.

And the best idea? Watch the show! It’s a treat. One that hardly ever disappoints.

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