Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays, they’re a thing you know? Back at it again for another week of THP’s Metal Monday, and we are ready to deliver! Another serious contemplation of hardcore, post-hardcore, metal, and more for our favorite followers to stage dive right in to!

Starting with something completely different this week we are here to deliver! First on the roster..

Dropout Kings


Changing it up from our primary collection of metal, we have Dropout Kings. Recently signed to Stay Sick Records, This group of dudes takes Nu-Metal to a new level. The kids these days refer to this style most popularly as trap-metal, and honestly, we dig. A hella crisp sound over a sick-ass beat makes for a sound that just gets you super excited. It’s no wonder to us that Dropout Kings have found their way onto a diverse population of playlist, and even landed the “Best Alternative Rock Band” in 2019 for the AZMT Awards. With a promising future on the horizon, they’ve also landed on top of our list for Metal Mondays.



This second feature is guaranteed bops coming from a stacked list of straight-up veterans.  Teeth is comprised of vocalist Blake Prince (ex-Straight Reads the Line, Anniversary), guitarist Chris LeMasters (Hundred Suns, ex-Dead and Divine), and drummer Ryan “Legs” Leger (Hundred Suns, Norma Jean, ex-Every Time I Die) in case you didn’t believe us. Let’s just say, they freaking deliver. Dropping a new song, ‘Smother.’ With a combination of heavyweight vocals and slamming guitar, this song is downright brutal

Rockstar Racecar


Rockstar Racecar a bunch of punk kids from New Jersey, and when we say kids, we mean it. With most of the band just starting their freshman year of high school and their youngest member at eleven, it’s no exaggeration that they are genuinely kids. That’s what makes them so rad! Starting out, these young bucks are already making a name for themselves, and perseverance like this is precisely how you end up on a stacked roster like THP’s Metal Monday. Writing original songs, and laying them down over some rocking guitar work and seriously sick percussion (YEAH DUDE IS ELEVEN) we are excited to watch the journey ahead.



Female Empowerment is her game, and ALYXX is her name. The recent release of single ‘My Last Goodbye’, a track that’s an ode to saying goodbye to a toxic vice, gives us everything we’ve ever wanted from a hard-rock project. An eclectic and dark sound with harmonizing lead vocals, ALYXX has created a unique blend and given us a synth-metal dream. Although most of the well-known work from this group are covers, she has now begun to embark on her solo career, and she’s got The Honey Pop’s full support.

Machine Head


Slowing things down to wrap up this week’s features, we have Bay Area titans Machine Head with an anti-Valentine’s day anthem, ‘Circle the Drain.’ Inspired by an acquaintance who had a relationship go sour and have both parties paranoid gave guitarist/vocalist Robb Flynn something to incorporate into a song he was working on. We’ve all been there, and we all know how hard it is when relationships aren’t working, and just go back and forth. The killer message, over killer breakdowns, we can’t help but encourage fans to check them out.

What was your favorite part of this super obscure version METAL MONDAYS? Comment below or tweet us @thehoneypop

Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop Graphic Team

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