Selena Gomez Will Have You Feeling So ‘Rare’

Selena Gomez Will Have You Feeling So ‘Rare’

It’s no secret, Selena is back and we are here for it. Her song ‘Rare’ is a hit BUT Selena Gomez has elevated it. We all love an acoustic version, don’t we?


Selena Gomez live from the Village Studio

Coming to you live from The Village Studio Selena lays her heart out. We already knew ‘Rare’ was a beautiful ode to being undervalued, but in this raw acoustic, we get up close and personal. If you haven’t seen the original music video it’s a beauty, full of imagery inspiring an exotic and beautiful dream-like atmosphere. Full of nature and wonder, it’s easy to see whoever it was is missing out. Don’t believe us? Just have a watch yourself.

‘Rare’ Music Video

You Are So Rare!

Selena’s single ‘Rare’ officially dropped February 4th. The acoustic version dropped on February 24th. So which do you like better?

Whichever version you listen to know this: Everyone deserves to be treated right, whether you’re Selena Gomez or the little lady down the road. You deserve to feel seen, wanted, and beautiful. In the immortal words of Selena Gomez:

"And I’ll bet there’s somebody else out there 
To tell me I’m rare 
To make me feel rare"

So listen to Selena and better yet listen to us when we say go listen to ‘Rare’ Live at The Village Studio.

Are you loving the reign of Selena Gomez rn? Let us know how you liked the acoustic version of ‘Rare’ by dropping us a comment below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Needing more Selena in your life? We gotchu!

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Selena Gomez official YouTube channel

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