TWICE have exciting things coming up in the future…

TWICE have exciting things coming up in the future…

TWICE are one of the K-Pop girl groups right now and super popular. They are known for releasing super popular BOPs such as ‘Knock Knock’; ‘TT’ and ‘Fancy’! Now, they are taking the next step to top everything else that they have done before – and it sounds like it’s quite the huge thing!

The girls want to show the whole world their talent; and it sounds like they just got support from one of the biggest US-Labels!

Today, Republic Records announced that, together with JYP Entertainment, they have put together a strategic alliance to help promote TWICE even more worldwide!

JYP CEO Jimmy Jeong explained the goal of their new alliance in a statement: “We are so Excited to make a strategic alliance with ‘No. 1’ Label Republic Records. By our strategic alliance for the TWICE, We strongly hope to present the next level of K-Pop to fans in all around the world”

Unfortunately, we don’t have too many details about all of this yet. But this definitely sounds really exciting already and I think we all agree that TWICE only deserve the best.

We, at TheHoneyPop, will definitely keep all of you ONCE’s updated on this! I can’t wait to hear all the details and couldn’t be more stoked for new TWICE music!

Wanna read more KPOP stuff? We’ve got you covered.

To Learn More About TWICE:

Featured Image source: Estee Lauder Korea/Koreaboo

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