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X Ambassadors Are Diving Into The ‘Great Unknown’

X Ambassadors Are Diving Into The ‘Great Unknown’

X Ambassadors Heard The Call of The Wild in 'Great Unknown'

Hello? The wild called and it wants a soundtrack. X Ambassadors’ ‘Great Unknown’ dropped a few days ago and is set to be featured in the new Disney motion picture The Call of the Wild. Set in the 1890s, the movie stars Harrison Ford and tells the story of Buck, a California dog dropped in the Alaskan Yukon.

X Ambassadors' 'Great Unknown' is here
Image Source: Screenshot from lyric video ‘Great Unknown’ by X Ambassadors

Just based on the movie posters and the trailer, it’s obvious that the movie is going to focus on the outdoors and the wilds of nature. Based on that, we can confidently say that X Ambassadors’ ‘Great Unknown’ is the perfect song for the soundtrack.

Hear that? The wild is called and X Ambassadors listened! You can too, just click here!

The song for sure sounds like an X Ambassadors song, with rock vibes and a laid-back feel. However, there’s a bit of an indie, folksy vibe to the song as well, layered perfectly with the rock vibes. It sounds like a song you would play on a road trip with your friends while driving up into the mountains, surrounded by the beauty of the wild. The vocals are full of soul and flow beautifully with the tone of the song. There’s even a little bit of a folksy twang to them.

X Ambassadors have released 'Great Unknown' for The Call of the Wild and we're in love!
Image Source: Catie Laffoon via Billboard

Hearing a song that accurately manages to capture the spirit of a movie or TV show is always enjoyable and X Ambassadors have done a superb job with ‘Great Unknown’. Listening to this song has us itching to answer the call of the wild and jump into all the crazy, unknown adventures that we might find there.

Here’s our suggestion: the best way to really experience this song is by either staring dramatically out of a car window on a road-trip with your headphones in or by finding the best part of nature near you and exploring it with this as a background track. What you choose is totally up to you.

In fact, how would you best enjoy this song? Do you think it’s the perfect adventurer’s track? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us  @thehoneypop!

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Featured Image Source: Catie Laffoon for Billboard

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