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Wide Awake and Ready: Smokeasac ft Travis Barker

Wide Awake and Ready: Smokeasac ft Travis Barker

We can’t sleep! Smokeasac and Travis Barker are bringing us a new song. Two worlds collide bringing us an awe-inspiring collaboration. If you feel how we feel, then give it a listen.


Putting words to the drain that insomnia gives you. Not only that but the root of that lack of sleep, being without someone else. A symptom rather than the problem, insomnia brings us to all the bad decisions:

"4 AM in the morning, I'm geeked up / It's drugs that I'm takin', messin' up my mind".

Insomnia, drugs, and missing someone you love creating a vicious cycle. Sometimes all we need are the little comforts. Things that we may take for granted every day are some of your favorite artists long for on the hard nights.

Through the music video, we can visibly see the drain and toll this takes. Tossing and turning with a restless energy in dim rooms that don’t quite feel right. TV to distract and phone calls that are as close to home as you can manage. Insomnia creates a drug-like high along with drugs making the world distorted and cold. Colorful kaleidoscope scenes alongside dimmer scenes visualize the ups of the drugs and the downs of the times you only have your mind for company.

Smokeasac and Travis Baker

The union of these two artists brings out an iconic fusion that will inspire and break boundaries. For those that don’t know, Travis Barker is a member of loved band Blink-182 (otherwise the kings of what it means to say ‘I Miss You’), and Smokeasac is a producer and musician with vision and skill. Known for pioneering the blend of rock and rap along with his stellar collaboration with close friend Lil’ Peep.

What do you guys think of ‘Insomnia’? Did you enjoy it as much as we did? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or tweet us @THEHONEYPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image: courtesy of Smokeasac Official YouTube Channel

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