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Bon Jovi Is Going On Tour: Here’s Our Ultimate Setlist

Bon Jovi Is Going On Tour: Here’s Our Ultimate Setlist

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band, Bon Jovi, has broken every touring record imaginable, topped every chart, and received every accolade possible across their entire career. Now, they have their sights set on kicking off 2020 touring, and releasing new music.

We are stoked to see them live, and in honor of their Bon Jovi 2020 Tour, we’ve put together the ultimate Bon Jovi setlist. These 15 songs NEED to be added to the list immediately.

‘Livin’ On A Prayer’

This song is a crowd favorite. Fans young and old know when this song comes on, it’s time to grab those imaginary microphones and sing along. It would make the ultimate opener for this Bon Jovi tour and would get the crowd hyped up right off the bat.

‘It’s My Life’

Even though ‘It’s My Life’ is a little bit of a newer kid on the block compared to most of the other songs on our list, Bon Jovi fans still love to rock out whenever this song comes on. It’s easily recognizable from the first beat, and fans will be ready with their air drums in tow.

‘You Give Love A Bad Name’

Another easily recognizable Bon Jovi track, ‘You Give Love A Bad Name,’ will have fans screaming along with the lyrics from the very second it starts playing. Air guitars drawn and headbanging to the beat, fans will be in for the night of their lives if this song’s on the setlist.

‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’

‘Wanted Dead Or Alive’ is a classic for the band and fans alike. It’s used in tons of movies and tv shows, so fans will lose their minds when this familiar tune starts playing, ready to sing along to one of their favorite Bon Jovi tracks. No doubt, it deserves a spot on the setlist.


‘Always’ will add a beautiful, emotional ballad to the setlist for fans to feel an intimate connection with the band while they perform. A fan favorite for many years, it’s going to add a sentimental element to the setlist for sure.

‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’

‘Who Says You Can’t Go Home’ is also a newer song to add to the setlist. This song was Bon Jovi’s dabble into country music, and we think it would add a bit of a fresh sound to the band’s performances. Fans will love to hear something unique coming from the band, and this song is perfect for that.

‘No Apologies’

The heavy drum beats throughout this song make this song performance worthy but include the powerful lyricism and the riveting vocals of Jon Bon Jovi, and it would almost be a crime not to perform this song live. Not to mention that the fans are going to stoked to hear this song is on the setlist.

‘Blaze Of Glory’

Straight out of 1990, ‘Blaze Of Glory’ is the debut solo single for Jon Bon Jovi. The song reached No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, and is the ultimate track for Jon Bon Jovi, and what kind of fans would we be if we didn’t pay tribute to this classic song. It’s nostalgic and sentimental, what else do you need?

‘In And Out Of Love’

This song is a bop and is going to be bomb AF live. Fans will be rejoicing the moment this song starts playing. It’s a classic, and fans won’t be able to contain themselves as the catchy beat overtakes their senses and causes them to start a dance riot right there in the middle of the crowd.

‘(You Want To) Make A Memory’

This track is also a bit newer, but that doesn’t make it’s any less of a classic. Plus, it will add another slow song to the setlist, and fans can revel in Bon Jovi’s presence while singing along. It sounds like a dream come true!

‘Bed Of Roses’

This song is powerful. From the smooth, seductive vocals to the beautiful piano accompaniment, it will make the setlist that much more phenomenal and add some extra intimacy between the band and the fans.


‘Runaway’ is a classic, and it’s catchy AF. From the heavy guitar riffs to the killer drums beats, this song is sure to fill the hearts of fans with joy and excitement. We might be disappointed if it doesn’t make the cut.

‘To The Fire’

Get your hairspray ready because we are going back to 1985 for this pick, ‘To the Fire’ isn’t necessarily one of Bon Jovi’s greatest hits, but with its hardcore electronic sound and killer drum beats, it’s sure to make for one hell of a live performance. We hope you’re ready!

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‘I’d Die For You’

We have yet another Bon Jovi classic. ‘I’d Die For You’ will be killer to hear performed live. The electric keyboard adds a bit of a techno element to the song, which makes for a unique sound. We need this added to the setlist to create a well-rounded performance.


Last on the list, and to close out the show, we have ‘Limitless.’ This is the band’s most recent single, and it is a certified bop! It may not be as classic as some of the others on this list, but we know in time it will be part of their greatest hits. How cool will it be to say you were in the crowd during one of the early live performances of the song?

There you have it, our ultimate Bon Jovi setlist. If you’re interested in seeing them on tour, you can get your tickets here starting on March 6 at 10 AM.

We want to know what you think of our list! Does it meet your standards? What song would you also add to the setlist if you could? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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