The Mystery Is ‘ON’ With MOTS: 7’s Official Title MV

The Mystery Is ‘ON’ With MOTS: 7’s Official Title MV

Global superstars BTS unveiled the official music video for ‘ON’, the lead single of their 4th studio album MAP OF THE SOUL: 7. In a truly unique way, BTS tackles a dystopian world filled with referential themes from The Bible and Maze Runner, to Game of Thrones and The Lion King.

In the second official music video, following the monumental Come Prima, BTS takes a cinematic approach in portraying the lyrics of ‘ON’. The video symbolically depicts BTS’ vow to accept their predestined path as fate and to keep going on, no matter the obstacles. The band’s signature charisma and perfectly synchronized choreography during the video’s dance break are set to attract the attention of millions of viewers around the world.

We have our view on this video, but ARMY all over are FREAKING OUT! ARMY Twitter is filled with reactions and double that of theories. Since the beginning of BTS’ career, ARMY has made theory after theory based on BTS’ storylines over many albums. MOTS: 7 has already brought references from the film Black Swan and previous albums.

Coincidentally, BTS’ little brother group, Tomorrow X Together, who are celebrating the week coming up to their 1st anniversary, also released a video at the same time. Of course, MOARMY (fans who are in both fandoms) had something to say about the clear contrast in moods.

As the global superstars continue to reach new heights, the lead single ‘ON’ sees BTS reach yet a new apex as versatile musical artists on a celebrated seventh year of their career. This album was a personal journey for them and we’re so thankful to go on it with them 🥺. Even with YouTube’s new viewing policies, occurring after their 2019 album MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA, ‘ON’ broke several of ‘Boy With Luv”s view records, including getting 10 million views in 65 minutes. No hurdles are too large for the 7 boys from South Korea.

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