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5 Reasons Why … You Should Support The Rose In Their Plans To End Their Contract

5 Reasons Why … You Should Support The Rose In Their Plans To End Their Contract

We were all left stunned and speechless when we found out that The Rose has requested to terminate their exclusive contract with J&star company. On February 28 (in Korea) the members of the band entered a lawsuit with their agency, citing reasons such as unpaid wages, breaking agreements in their contract, and lack of trust between the band and the company. The members have all worked incredibly hard and poured every inch of their heart and soul into their music, so it is nothing short of devastating to hear that they are the latest artists to suffer from company mistreatment within the harsh world known as the KPOP industry.

When the members Dojoon, Jaehyung, Woosung, and Hajun first signed with their agency, they were guaranteed to receive payments each month. However, it’s been years since the band debuted in 2017, and they have yet to see a single penny for all their dedication and efforts, which is honestly ridiculous.

To make things even worse, J&Star organized 17 concerts in 17 cities across the span of 32 days (which equates to having to perform a concert every 2 days) without bothering to discuss this with the band members. That kind of schedule is grueling enough on its own, but add that to the lack of adequate payment and this spells nothing short of a recipe for disaster. Music is an art that The Rose has spent years crafting and honing, and they deserve to be compensated for the time and energy they have invested in their work.

It was a tough call, but we can understand why the band had to make the difficult decision to end their contract. Any planned appearances or album releases by The Rose will probably be canceled or postponed now that legal measures are being taken. However, it’s important to us that the band receives proper treatment and retribution for all of the time they spent recording albums, performing, and going on tour, so we will wait as long as it takes for the situation to be resolved.

Whether they try to reach a negotiation with J&Star or if they leave and sign with another company, we wish nothing but the best for them. Even if they have to rebrand under a different name and we can no longer refer to them as The Rose, what matters most is the group’s freedom and that they are given the treatment that they are entitled to.

New music can wait, and right now we need to all come together to show our support for them, and to show them they’re not fighting this battle alone. Even if you aren’t a fan of The Rose or if you have never even heard of them, there is no logical explanation why you should not stand up for them and speak out against their mistreatment. Without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should stan and support The Rose. 

1. Their music is personal and self-written

The members have mentioned that every single person in the group has an equal say and an important role in the band. There is not a single aspect of their songs, that is shared with the public until every member is content and in agreement, from the notes to the beats, instruments, vocals, lyrics, and themes. This is one of the traits that make the band extremely remarkable and distinct from other groups in the Korean music industry. They make music that is authentic to themselves without regard to the opinion of external influences. Their music is true to how they behave in their daily lives and is a reflection of themselves.

2. They’ve worked from the bottom up to get to where they are today

The formation of The Rose was on the horizon once Jaehyeong and Dojoon first encountered each other while busking. It wasn’t until later when Jaehyeong and Hajoon began to busk together that the status of the three members in the group was finally cemented. Together, they formed an indie band called Windfall, where they wrote their own original music, posted YouTube covers, and started performing in the street. The last missing puzzle piece of The Rose’s lineup was solved when Dojoon introduced the band to Woosung, and since then a powerhouse was born.

The band went from posting videos online and singing on the pavement to joining J&Star Company in 2016, and since they officially debuted as The Rose in 2017, the band has continued to grow as artists and in terms of their international popularity. The fact that the band was formed naturally on its own and that the members were not pre-selected by their company is a huge factor of why the group members have so much chemistry together and why they are able to compromise and work well as a team. The band was born from a common passion and hunger for music and the band’s formation from humble beginnings from scratch has played an important role in the group’s development to the artists they are now and the success they have achieved.

3. They have managed to make a name for themselves in so little time

Despite the fact that the group was formed on its own from members who met while busking and the fact that the band is not signed to a well-known company, The Rose has managed to rise to an incredible level of acclaim in a relatively short amount of time. Only 3 months after they released their first single ‘Sorry’, the band embarked on their first European tour Paint It Rose, which ended up being sold out. In addition, in 2018 they were listed in the top 5 Korean breakout artists to keep an eye on in 2018 by Billboard. Even more jaw-dropping was the announcement that ‘Sorry’ was listed on Billboard‘s year-end critics’ song list, and their music video for the track reached 1 million views in less than 3 weeks. Considering that this was their debut music video, it’s unbelievable to accomplish such a feat so early on into their career.

Not to mention, their very first EP, Void, debuted at #8 on the World Albums chart. The band has even toured North and South America, which demonstrates an amazing international demand for a band that was relatively new at the time. 

4. They’re surviving the KPOP industry dominated by idol groups

Despite being signed to a small record label and constantly being surrounded by groups with more members and extensive choreography, The Rose have managed to prosper while maintaining their identity. Although they face challenges being in a group that focuses more on the composition of their music and the instruments they play and less on the flashy eye-catching visual packaging and presentation of typical KPOP groups, the band has not let this hinder their progress and instead have used their background and experiences as a factor to impassion them and drive them. The fact that The Rose has continued to thrive despite their modest beginnings in an industry that is constantly debuting new groups speaks volumes about their tenacity and commitment to their music.

5. The amount of consideration and ingenuity they put into everything they do

Every single thing that The Rose do, write and sing serves an important purpose. Even the language that they write their songs in is carefully deliberated. For example, the band has written a song called ‘California’ that is in English instead of Korean, since the group believed that the specific words they wanted to express in their lyrics were only able to be articulated in that language. In addition, the band utilizes their music in order to share messages and convey them to their fans, such as the idea of being true to yourself, and living the life you want. Each song that the members choose to compose is done with the intention to comfort or inspire their fans. 

Furthermore, with each album or EP that The Rose release, they are constantly improving and trying to have a fresh sound while maintaining their image of what makes the band unique. They never do the same thing twice, but they are consistent in making music that is reminiscent of their brand that accurately portrays who they are as artists. When the band writes music, they consider how they want their fans to react when they listen to the tracks. Every word, color, or description that they mention in their lyrics is deliberately chosen to convey an idea. In fact, their mini-album Void was written to emphasize the dark side of human sentiment. 

Perhaps most significant of all is the meaning and symbolism behind the band’s entire concept, name, and most importantly, the name of their fans. The band members themselves chose the name of their fandom to be Black Rose. This flower symbolizes change, the beginning of something new, and can demonstrate hope and courage. Since it cannot be found in nature, it can represent loyalty and devotion, hence why the members have mentioned that their fans are eternal. As long as they have their fans, the legacy of the band lives on, and it is clear from the supportive response of fans on Twitter that Black Rose will stick by their band, through thick and thin, during their legal battle with their company.

It’s clear that The Rose is such an extraordinary, unique, and relentless band. From their origin to the music they self-write and compose, their remarkable accomplishments, artistic vision, and their ardent fans, there is no group out there that is quite like them. So whether you’ve been with the band since debut or if you’ve just now discovered them, we encourage you to show support for them as they undergo their legal battle with their company.

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Every single song they’ve written and each performance they’ve given was born from their hard work, and their blood, sweat, and tears. As such, they deserve to be compensated for it and treated as the phenomenal artists that they are. The Rose will continue to be the band they are today, whether they are under a different name, or even if they are no longer signed to J&Star. #WeStandWithTheRose

What are your thoughts on the situation with The Rose and their company? Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop!

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  • I wish they get what they deserve! THE ROSE is way too underrated. I love their songs, each and everyone of them.

  • I’ve just discovered this band and l am so impressed someone needs toget them signed up like bighit entertainment trust me they won’t be sorry these boys are amazing so much talent and very big concerts is so achievable with this very good looking band and the voices mesmerising what are you people waiting for take the chance you won’t be sorry

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