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Gorillaz Désolé: We’re Sorry, That Portal is Not Available

Gorillaz Désolé: We’re Sorry, That Portal is Not Available

Gorillaz, a band known for their quirky animated band members and fun music videos. If you’re a long time fan maybe you don’t need the introductions but for those that don’t know let’s slow down a little bit. Song Machine Season 1 Episode 2 is out for your viewing pleasure and if you haven’t seen the first then let’s get you up to speed.

Episode 1

The most successful virtual band Gorillaz begin Song Machine with Momentary Bliss which features artists slowthai & Slaves. Song Machine Season 1 Episode 1 aired Thursday, January 30th, 2020 and with that started a new age of Gorillaz for a wave of nostalgia. Like the innovative music videos of the past, this is no different yet still on a whole new level. The music video begins and we are instantly straddling reality and the animated world as they collide for this awesomely mind-bending moment of ‘Momentary Bliss’.

Now, this isn’t the first time the cartoon and real worlds have collided but on this scale, that’s another story. If you want a little more back story on the album and song number 1 click here.

‘Momentary Bliss’ Gorillaz


We’re too excited! Let’s move on to the real reason we’ve gathered you all here today. Still moving with the reality and cartoon worlds colliding theme we move into another scene. A lake or Lake Como. The new song means more story which means more excitement. Three, count them, three languages are in this wonderful piece. The title itself is french for sorry but throughout lyrics in English, French, and Bambara can be heard. And to top it all off we have another lovely feature on this song as well: Fatoumata Diawara.

‘Désolé’ Gorillaz

Poor Murdoc gets left behind, but what adventures and creatures will the others encounter along the way? A love song in the most beautiful sense combing cultures and expanding horizons in their quirky way. This is only Season 1, where do you think we’re headed? What’s next for our crew? And who do you hope Gorillaz collaborate with next?

Let us know all your answers and the reasons why you think Gorillaz rocks by tweeting us  @thehoneypop or comments down below!

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