‘Equip Sunglasses’ Because Hot Mulligan Is Delivering That FIRE! 🔥🕶

‘Equip Sunglasses’ Because Hot Mulligan Is Delivering That FIRE! 🔥🕶

If you haven’t heard of Hot Mulligan yet, oh no baby, what is you DOIN’? 

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Photo Source: Hot Mulligan Official Facebook

A band like this doesn’t come around often, so you NEED to dive headfirst into their killer discography. With songs written with the intent for fans to sing along, we can’t help but belt out each and every line at the top of our lungs. We also can’t even begin to list the number of times we’ve gushed over pop-punk. But it’s only because bands like this exist and are so goddamn good. So believe us when we say you need to check these guys out.

Having song titles that sometimes tell a story themselves, it is no surprise that Hot Mulligan’s music follows suit. Using them as an outcry of growth from a generation in desperate need for hope. Members Tades Sanville, Chris Freeman, Ryan Malicsi, Garrett “Sniff” Willig, and Brandon Blakeley – use the lessons they’ve learned in life, to pursue their dreams, all while being fully aware of the world around them. 

Now, as we mentioned, their discography is that fire in itself already, with two EPs, a re-release, and their debut full-length album titled Pilot via No Sleep Records. So for both die-hard fans like ourselves and people checking them out for the first time, it is great timing for them to announce their forthcoming studio album you’ll be fine, as well as the third single ‘Equip Sunglasses’.


We Are Sure We’ll Be Fine With Whatever Hot Mulligan Delivers

“I think it’s our best work yet,” says guitarist and vocalist Chris Freeman. “The songs are more dynamic. The lyrics are more diverse in subject matter than anything we’ve done in the past.” Hot Mulligan feels like this album is entirely them, with added elements, it takes the band to places they have yet to go prior to this record. With ‘Equip Sunglasses’, ‘Feel Like Crab’ (listen here) and ‘BCKYRD’ (our personal favorite) our hopes are HIGH for this record. ‘*wispers* Thank You’ for being a band that we can always count on, and being our favorite opportunity for scream singing.

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Featured Image Source: Hot Mulligan Official Facebook

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