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Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays are back again, and we’ve got a whole lot to say. We are kicking it old-school this week by throwing in some throwbacks while providing some up and comers making this week’s edition of Metal Mondays seriously dope.

Rotting Out


Pure Noise perfection, Rotting Out, an American hardcore punk band, has released new single ‘Unforgiven.’ We’re into it. Their third full-length Ronin, will hit shelves April 10th, 2020 via Pure Noise. This single follows the release of ‘Reaper’ released last year and also featured on this album. With unique vocals, Rotting Out brings an element that other bands don’t have. Lead vocalist Walter Delgado shares, It’s been seven years since our last LP. A lot has happened since: hard lessons, periods of isolation, the weight of guilt, diagnosis, crippling realization, absolute hopelessness, and also absolute peace and calmness. The purpose for the image of the record is that there was a lot that was left unspoken, and I danced around the darker moments, and some were just buried completely. Never more proud, they left nothing behind, and we are stoked to have a record full of continuous energetic, captivating, downright badass punk/hardcore. 

The Acacia Strain


New England metal bros, The Acacia Strain, best known for smashing grooves and emotional lyrics, have dropped a brand new seven inch just a few days ago. All via Rise Records, D contains two tracks’ Feed A Pigeon, Breed A Rat’ and ‘Seeing God.’ We’ve selected to feature the latter, and it was hard because both songs smack. ‘Seeing God’ though features Aaron Heard of Jesus Piece/Nothing, and well how could we not shed light on that? Singer Vincent Bennet shared, “I’ve been meaning to get Aaron on a track for a while now, and his part in this song is perfect.” This song is the beginning of our slow descent into madness. We all see our own god eventually.” That insight alone should make you want to check this seven-inch out.

Body Count


Okay, we’ve had some seriously sick features on Metal Mondays, but like this one is exceptionally dope. Body Count releases Arrives on March 6th via Century Media Records, and dudes; you can’t sleep on this one. Featured this week is a new video release to get you extra hype for the song ‘Bum Rush.’ If you haven’t watched it yet, IT’S ICE-T’s metal band, so like yeah, do it. With Ice-T (vocals), Ernie C. (guitar/backing vocals), Juan Garcia (guitar/backing vocals), Vincent Price (bass/backing vocals), Ill Will (drums) and Sean E. Sean (samples/backing vocals) it’s no surprise they’re Grammy Award Nominated. Intended to wake people up, this song will do just that.

Armor For Sleep


You know we’ve glorified New Jersey bands before, and we are here to do that shit again. Armor For Sleep. Do we even have to continue? Ok, we do because this is serious. Armor For Sleep has announced a 15th-anniversary tour for What To Do When You Are Dead, and we are legitimately losing our minds. After more than a decade of being disbanded, the New Jersey emo-rock act is gearing up to brave the stage in celebration of their pivotal album. If you don’t know Armor for Sleep, just know we’re judging you, but we will give you the low down. Providing emotionally charged lyrics, energetic shows, a serious work ethic, and a loyal fan base, you really can’t ask for more. This album was monumental to the scene, and we are excited to revisit it and celebrate it for the masterpiece it is. So for this feature, we’ve picked our personal favorite for Metal Monday!

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Mondo Bear


Mondo Bear is our hidden gem for this week’s Metal Monday. A heavy, psychedelic rock band, with riff-heavy still a touch of pop band, and we are all ears. Giving us both a combination of mind-blowing jams and thoroughly composed songs, we love the selection Mondo Bear has offered. Recently signed to High Ten record label, they released their first single in November of last year, followed by another single in early 2020. Composing their first album, they conjoined a group of songs that showed their different taste within the music scenes. Pulling lyrics from their California connection, they talk about real-life ideas about fame, crime, and death.

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