ARMY Raise Arms And Lead The Charge In COVID-19 Fight!

ARMY Raise Arms And Lead The Charge In COVID-19 Fight!

ARMY run projects in honour of BTS members’ birthdays, charities and causes after the members’ hearts, for the betterment of society and the world as a whole. They prove time and again that they’re not only superheroes but also literal angels.

On February 27, Suga donated 100 million Korean Won (approx. $83,000) in aid of his hometown Daegu to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ‘restore damages’ within the community. This led to ARMY joining to donate to Hope Bridge Disaster Relief, this number increasing after the cancellation of the Seoul concerts from the Map Of The Soul world tour, fans donating their refunds to the cause.

As of March 2nd, it was confirmed that donations worth over 425 million won were made under the names related to ‘BTS’ and ‘ARMY’, this total not counting those made by ARMY under different names.

Fan accounts helped to spread the word, working with the charity to provide ways for international fans to donate within their means, including bank transfer and PayPal. More details on how to donate below.

To make your donation in the name of ARMY, send your donation directly from the PayPal website ( to and leave a note, “BTS ARMY.” This will allow the organization to track donations made by ARMY.

Overseas Remittance:
Bank : KOOKMIN Bank (in KOREA)
Account Number : 054901-04-154989
Depositor : Korea Disaster Relief Association

Donation Instructions via Twitter &

ARMY across the world are helping in any way they can and their efforts have made a big impact.

BTS lead a great example and this has proven to be valuable especially in times such as these, helping the world to become a better place for its citizens.

In what ways have you seen ARMY and BTS impact the global community? Which cause led by ARMY has impacted your life? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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