Iggy Pop Drops Video For ‘We Are The People’

Iggy Pop Drops Video For ‘We Are The People’

Music legend Iggy Pop is back and slaying with a new video for ‘We Are The People.’ The piece is from his critically acclaimed album, Free, and if you have not blessed your ears with this yet, what are you waiting for?

Iggy’s version of a poem, that was written by Lou Reed in 1970 is delivered in a riveting new visual dimension. From the opening lines, “We are the people without land. We are the people without tradition. We are the people who do not know how to die peacefully and at ease” to the song’s fade, the effect of Iggy’s close-up performance is incredible.

On March 7th at Perrotin in New York City, Iggy will release a VERY limited test pressing of Free that features cover art and creative collaboration with Maurizio Cattelan. With only 340 copies of the test pressing available worldwide, this version will also include a bonus 7″ featuring two unreleased tracks exclusive to this special artistic collaboration: Iggy’s acapella rendition of ‘Brahms Lullaby’ and ‘Epistle to Tromba.’

These limited editions will be available for sale from 10 am March 7th, while the signing will begin at 1 pm. Perrotin is at 130 Orchard Street in New York. For more information, please visit here!


Are you loving the new video and vibing with the album? Will you be trying to get your hands on one of the limited LPs? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about the Iggy Pop:

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Featured Image Source: Rob Baker Ashton

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