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The KPOP Hotspot: Your Guide to Debuts and Comebacks For March 2020

The KPOP Hotspot: Your Guide to Debuts and Comebacks For March 2020

Welcome to the KPOP Hotspot! Where we share with you all those important dates for your diary for the biggest debuts and comebacks to look forward to! Here’s what we can expect in March…

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NCT 127 – ‘NCT #127 Neo Zone’

Image Source: Jessica Xie for Billboard

NCT 127 are set to release their second studio album, NCT #127 Neo Zone on March 6yh! From the teasers and snippets on social media, it’s set to be a dynamic album with several 90s throwbacks. We’re nearing the end of the comeback schedule, not long until the release! We ate KPOP Hotspot are super stoked.

Dates for your diary:
March 3rd – teaser image 6 | March 4th – mv teaser | March 5th – mv release| March 6th – album release

Stray Kids – ‘SKZ2020’

Image Source: Johnny Louis for Getty Images

Have you been feeling a little lost lately? Well, look no further because our favorite Stray Kids will be making their first-ever official Japanese debut with their album SKZ2020 on March 18. If you’re already obsessed with their Korean music, then you’ll be over-the-moon to hear some of their beloved tracks in Japanese too. There are going to be four different album versions, including Initial Production Limited Edition, Full Production Limited Edition, Limited Time Production Board Edition, and Normal Version. So far, the group has already unveiled their Japanese versions of ‘Levanter’, ‘Double Knot’ and ‘My Pace’, so we can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!

Dates for your diary:
February 7th: Jacket photo teasers revealed | March 18th: album release

Mamamoo – ‘HIP’ (Japanese Release)

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Image Source: Mamamoo via Facebook

After the unbelievable success of their super popular smash hit ‘HIP’, MAMAMOO are releasing a Japanese version of the song, in addition to a brand new song ‘Shampoo’. Both of these tracks will be featured on their new album on March 11, which will be a Japanese edition of reality in BLACK. There will be a total of 13 tracks, and the album will be released just days after they embark on their 3rd Concert Tour in Japan on March 8 at Osaka Dojima River Foruma. The tour will end at Toyosu PIT, Tokyo on March 15, and we can’t wait for Japanese moomoos to have the time of their lives!

Sungjae – ‘YOOK O’Clock’

Sungjae BTOB KPOP Hotspot
Image Source: Cube Entertainment

What time is it? It’s YOOK O’Clock! Sungjae from the group BTOB is releasing his solo album on March 3 and we’re as hungry to hear it as he is to eat the burger in his concept photos. The album will include songs from his ‘3X2=6’ project series, in addition to some brand-new unreleased tracks, as a gift to the support of his fans. We’re in tears over how sweet the relationship is between Sunjae and his fans, ‘Melody’.

He recently released a short animated music video for his title track ‘Come with the Wind’ to build up excitement for his album, and it’s definitely working. Although YOOK O’Clock will help highlight Sunjae’s talent as a solo artist outside of his group, fans will be bouncing off the walls to hear that his fellow BTOB members Ilhoon and Peniel helped pen the lyrics for two tracks on the album. There’s just no escaping the BTOB brotherhood, but why would we want to?

Dates for your diary:
March 2nd: online album release | March 30th: offline album release

Itzy – ‘It’z Me’

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Image Source: JYP Entertainment

We’re starting off the month of March just right with one of our favorite rookie girl groups ITZY! Their official Twitter account brought the whole timeline to our knees when they shared some photos teasing their March 9th comeback. It’s safe to say they were definitely the it girls of 2019 when they debuted with their song ‘DALLA DALLA’, which managed to soar to the top of many music charts for countless weeks and nabbed them coveted prizes. They were even able to top their own success with their strong follow-up single ‘ICY’ which helped them to maintain their popularity and cement their well-deserved title of “Rookie of the Year”.

The title track for the upcoming album was revealed to be ‘WANNABE’, and the accompanying individual teaser photos that have been released so far have allowed us to see two different sides of each member. There will three different physical copies of each album, and each version contains a different colored CD. Each new teaser image that’s been uploaded has left us wanting more, so this is a comeback that you definitely won’t want to miss out on.

Dates for your diary: March 1st: tracklist revealed | March 9th: album and m/v release

VITCON – ‘Continuous’

Image Source: VICTON via Twitter

VICTON are keeping their legacy Continuous with their sixth mini album! The highlight of this album is that it will be the first complete group comeback with leader Seungwoo since his return from X1, the boy group formed from the survival reality show Produce X 101. The group is making their epic return on March 9 with the music video for their track ‘Howling’ and the release of their brand new album. The best part about ‘Howling’ is that one of the members of the group, Hanse helped co-write the lyrics. In fact, he participated in the lyric composition for all of the songs on the album. Additionally, Hanse wasn’t the only VICTON member who played a role in the creative process for the album’s creation.

His fellow VICTON members that helped compose and write songs for Continuous included Seungwoo, who contributed lyrics for the track ‘Nightmare’, while Seungsik and Seungwoo both wrote lyrics for ‘Petal’. Meanwhile, Seungwoo and Seungsik both helped compose ‘Petal’ as well. Chan helped Hanse co-write lyrics for ‘All I Know’ while Sejun, Hanse, and Seungwoo helped with lyrics for ‘White Night’. Since so many of the members had such a significant part in the album’s conception, we’re pretty eager to see how personal, meaningful, and relatable the album will sound.

Dates for your diary: March 2nd – 4th: concept photos | March 5th – highlight medley| March 6th – ‘Howling’ m/v teaser | March 7- ‘Howling’ choreography spoiler | March 9th- ‘Howling’ m/v and album release

Yezi – ‘Home’

Image Source: JG Star Entertainment

The oh so talented Yezi is ready to steal our hearts and make us feel right at ‘Home’ with her new song on March 5. Since her last song ‘My Gravity’ was unveiled in February, the artist has been able to highlight her stage presence and vocal ability, and now she’ll get the chance to do that again with a different track. The new single is supposed will have a distinct concept from her last release, and will also contain a completely different sound than previously. ‘Home’ will be a combination of both rap and vocals that will almost certainly sound like heaven to your ears.

Dates for your diary:
March 2nd: m/v teaser #2 | March 4th: solo fan meeting and comeback showcase | March 5th: album and m/v release

Park BoGum – Blue Bird

Image Source: Blossom Entertainment

Park Bogum: you may recognize him for his versatility as a prominent actor in the Korean entertainment system, but did you know he’s a singer as well? If you didn’t, he’s about to blow you away and surprise you with a side of him you didn’t even know existed. Bogum is releasing his first Japanese full-length album titled Blue Bird on March 18, and it will include 11 songs. The theme of the album is relaxing and restorative holiday, that will be extremely personal to the artist, as it will share the thoughts that run through his head and his point of view.

As if being a singer and actor wasn’t enough, Bogum proved that he’s a triple threat by helping to write and compose lyrics for his song ‘Look Up at the Sky’. In addition, he took his participation in his album production even further by providing his own instrumentals for a piano version of his first Japanese single ‘Bloomin’. So if you haven’t fallen in love with actor Bogum yet, you definitely will swoon and fall head-over-heels for singer Bogum.

Dates for your diary: March 18th: album release


CLEAUN via Twitter

Singer-songwriter Cleaun is keeping things steamy this March 13 with his comeback album Keep Kissing. The artist took to Instagram to share a photo of himself along with a caption that included an album tracklist. The songs on the album will consist of the title track, ‘The Fight For Right,’ ft. OG MACO, 온도, and ‘Screen Memory’. We’re running around and screaming our heads off at this moment because we’re dying for more details, but we’ll just have to wait one more week before we can finally get our hands on the new songs and keep this record on rotation.

Dates for your diary: March 13: album release


Image Source: IN2IT via Twitter

IN2IT is making a comeback, and it looks like they’re not messing around. The group is making their Japanese debut on March 4 with their single ‘I’m Your Joker,’ but strangely enough, this won’t even be the first time we hear the song. Although the track hasn’t been officially released, it has already been played as an ending theme song for the anime Duel Masters. Our excitement levels are through the roof because this will be the group’s first comeback since they left MMO Entertainment at the beginning of 2020. Sometimes change is a good thing, and in this case, we are definitely into it!

Dates for your diary: Commemorative showcase: March 13 | March 4: single release


Image Source: Dreamcatcher via Twitter

Dreamcatcher may have just released their first full-length album last month, but it looks like the girls aren’t going to be taking a break anytime soon. To our fellow Insomnias, mark your calendars for March 11 because we’re going to be booked and busy streaming the group’s new Japanese single ‘Endless Night’ on repeat. There will be 3 different CD versions, which include a normal edition and 2 limited editions that include an additional DVD. All physical copies include the title track as well as the Japanese version of ‘Over the Sky.’ However, if you purchase the regular edition, you also get the additional Japanese version of ‘Silent Night.’ The new song has a chorus that will stay stuck in your head and keep you humming and tapping your foot 24/7. And if you thought their previous releases had an extreme rock sound, this next one will elevate the genre that they have dominated since their rebranding to a whole other level.

Dates for your diary: March 11: single release


Image Source: AleXa via Twitter

Make sure you’re ready for AleXa’s first comeback because it’s ‘Do or Die.’ To make sure that her fans were geared up in preparation for her triumphant return, AleXa dropped a music video for her pre-release song ‘A. I Trooper’ on February 25. The release of that song gave us just enough of a taste for the rest of the album and left us longing for March 6, which is when the album and the title track will be released. The music video took 3 days to film in a diverse range of locations, and the teasers give off a futuristic sci-fi type of vibe, so we predict that AleXa’s latest project is guaranteed to be a smash hit.

Dates for your diary: Drama Teaser: March 4 | MV Teaser: March 6 |
MV Release: March 6

Hong Eunki

Image Source: Hong Eunki via Twitter

Sometimes, there are just no words that can properly express our affection for others, and Hong Eunki is demonstrating that very sentiment with his first solo mini-album Undefinable: LOVE on March 16. So far, in the concept photos that have been revealed for the upcoming album, we’ve been able to see two different versions of Eunki. In the first set, he looks extremely sweet in a warm fuzzy jacket complete with a soft smile. In contrast, in the second set of concept photos, he looks like a handsome devil in an all-red suit while holding a single flower and gazing off into the distance. Hopefully once the third set of concept photos are released and we see the teasers for the music video, we’ll be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together and gain more insight as to how the different themes and concepts of the teaser images fit into the storyline of the album.

Dates for your diary: March 6- teaser #1| March 9- teaser #2 | March 11- audio teaser | March 16- 1st mini album release


Image Source: Kanghyuk Lee

Guess who’s back again and ready to rock your world on March 20? Singer and rapper DPR Live hopped onto Instagram to share the tracklist for his 11-song EP album I.A.O.T. Do you know which part of the album caught our eye? The fact that every single track on the EP is a solo song with only DPR Live. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this is a no-features album and will focus on him, and him only. I.A.O.T. stands for Is Anybody Out There, and that’s exactly what we’re asking ourselves just in case we need someone to help stop us from freaking out about the new music.

Dates for your diary: March 20: album release

Naeun and Jinsol (APRIL)

Image Source: Apple Music

Naeun and Jinsol, 2 members of the girl group APRIL released their collaboration ‘Matter of Time’ together on March 1, and it came right on cue. The song was part of the Four Seasons music project by lyricist Kim Yina and composer Kim Hyungsuk, and was unveiled to the public on the first day of spring. ‘Matter of Time’ is a powerful ballad filled with the beautiful harmonies of the two singers and is accompanied by string and piano instruments. The song is extremely sentimental and touches on the emotions of heartbreak after the difficult ending of a relationship, which is illustrated by the lonely men and women in the animated music video. Jinsol and Naeun’s smooth and delicate vocals are the perfect cure for any heartache, and this joint project is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

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Image Source: Jaejoong via Facebook

Brava!! Brava!! Brava!! is what you’ll be saying after hearing Jaejoong’s new Japanese single. On March 11, the singer will be releasing 4 versions of his Japanese release titled ‘Brava!! Brava!! Brava!!/Ray of Light.’ The versions include First Press Limited Edition, Anime Edition, Regular Edition, and FC Edition. ‘Brava!! Brava!! Brava!!’ is a dance song that will have you out of your seat and busting moves in the middle of the floor, while ‘Ray of Light’ is the ending theme song for an anime. ‘Ray of Light’ was first released to the public when it was played during the second episode of Runway de Warette (Smile Down the Runway), and we can already imagine the smiles that will be on everyone’s faces after they hear the rock-ballad.

Dates for your diary: March 11: Single release

John Park

Image Source: AllKpop

Solo singer John Park is finally backing a comeback with new music 20 long months after he released ‘Understand’ in July 2018. And get this, his new single ‘You’re Like March’ is being released on, the 4th of, wait for it … March. So far, the teaser photos he has released have been a series of black and white images with John making a different silly dramatic expression each time. Based on the filters and editing of the pictures, it seems like it is a reference to a vintage-type of a theme. The new song can be categorized as part of the Nu-disco genre, with a chorus that transforms the ambiance after the song’s introduction. We’re so glad to have you back John, and we can’t wait to groove to the new bop!

Dates for your diary: March 4: single release

Lee Woo

Image Source: Soribada

Former Mad Town member Lee Woo is continuing to make a name for himself with a brand-new single titled ‘You…’ on March 10. The subject of the song revolves around the idea of a man having to let go of the person he loves, even though he still has feelings for them. Sometimes the only way we can show that we still care about someone is by realizing that we have to let them walk away so that they can have a better chance at finding happiness, even if it’s with someone else, and Lee Woo is demonstrating exactly that. The music video will feature actor Lee Yikyung, who will portray the emotions of the song through a plot that is reminiscent of television Korean dramas. It’s sure to be a tearjerker, so you might want to have some tissues beside you while you watch the music video.

Dates for your diary: March 10


Image Source: YG

What’s pretty, has wings and also shines brightly in the dead of night? The answer is ‘Moon & Butterfly’ by Kwon Hyunbin, aka VIINI. The singer-songwriter and rapper has shared some pretty cool black and white concept posters for his comeback single album, and it turns out they provide hints to the tones of the tracks on the album. In one set of the concept photos, the camera focuses only on VIINI who is front and center, with a sea or beach in the background, which gives off a sense of liberty due to the expanse of the water, while also conveying a feeling of loneliness and emptiness. The album will be released on March 4 and will contain two tracks, ‘Love the Moon,’ which features Suhyun from AKMU and ‘Butterfly,’ which features Ravi from VIXX. Just a few more days left until we can finally hear how Hyunbin sounds on his collars with his featured guests!

Dates for your diary: March 4: album release


TOO (Ten Oriented Orchestra)

Image Source: nCH

The Mnet World Klass debut group has finally announced their debut date! It’s been a fun-filled 3 months since the show ended, but the 10 boys are ready to debut with their mysterious concept surrounding the 5 elements. How will they portray Wood, Metal, Fire, Earth, and Water through their first album? After the date was announced, the band’s label, n.CH Entertainment, released a schedule to hype up the drop.

Dates for your diary: March 11: tracklist release | March 12: prologue film | March 14: album package review | March 16: MV teaser | March 18: album and MV release + debut showcase on Mnet


Image Source: S.A ITAINMENT

We are going completely bonkers right now because the 5-member girl group previously known as Wish Girls have re-debuted with their first full-length album on March 1! The album will have ten smashing songs that include their pre-debut and solo tracks. Their album teaser video left us speechless and with chills as each of the members were filmed individually, wearing starkly contrasting outfits and sporting bold hair colors and styles. The ominous background music kept us holding our breaths as we were immersed in suspense, which combined with their confident poses, has us sitting here squealing with excitement and anxiously waiting to see what they will bring to the table.

Vine Girls

Image Source: VINE Entertainment

Vine Entertainment hasn’t shared many specific details about their new girl group, but what we do know is that they will debut on March 27! On December 17, the company posted a picture of 5 girls blowing out the candles on a cake with a caption indicating that they would be introduced to the world 100 days from then. Our anticipation and curiosity is extremely high right now, but only time will tell more about this mystery group. So far, the company’s Instagram has slowly released individual images of the different members: Dita, Soodam, Jinny, Denise, and Lea. We’ll catch you guys on the 27th to find out more!


Image Source: Stone Music Entertainment

Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but that’s not stopping fromis_9 from releasing their first Japanese single ‘Love Bomb’ on March 13. Additionally, the girls will release a Japanese version of another Korean song of theirs, titled ‘Fun!’. So far, the girl group’s Twitter account has only showcased a group image teaser of the 9 members looking sweet and sassy in an assortment of red outfits with stylish and sleek red heels. We can’t wait for more details and to finally hear the finished product!

Dates for your diary: March 13: single release


Image Source: MBK Entertainment

Hallelujah! H&D aka Lee Hangyul and Nam Dohyon are going to release a mini album! So far in 2020, the group has released its first digital single titled Happy Day on February 5, which consists of the track ‘Toward Tomorrow’ which was made for their fans. There hasn’t been a lot of details that have been revealed about the upcoming album other than the fact that it will be released on March 26, but we are super curious as to what the title of the album and single will be. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for more clues about their soon-to-be hit album.

Dates for your diary: March 26: album release

WOW, we know that was a lot to take in! But we hope you enjoyed getting the scoop on all the latest comebacks and debuts! Which are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop we always LOVE hearing from you!

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