The Aces New Song Will Stick You In A ‘Daydream’

The Aces New Song Will Stick You In A ‘Daydream’

When an artist deletes their whole Instagram feed, you know something great is about to go down and that’s just what happened with The Aces this past week and we are loving the new era! Earlier this week, they released their newest single, ‘Daydream,’ and we are obsessed.

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Perfect for the season change, this new track will have you smiling and lost, daydreaming about your love as you dance around to the electric pop vibes! Giving us more trance-inducing basslines, amazing guitar riffs, haunting vocals and a solid beat holding everything together this track shows the band’s growth from their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic that was released in 2018.

Telling the story of missing a loved one while out on the road, don’t let the uplifting beat fool you of the wish like lyrics of the song. With the chorus repeating, “daydream about me/ and I know that you hate the nights without me/ baby I hate ’em too/ but you know, but you know, but you know/i’m comin’ back to you” you can hear the longing for a loved one and the hardship of being away all the time.

This is the first song of the new era and fans are going crazy for the new vibes!

As new music starts to roll out from The Aces, and as we impatiently sit in front of our computers waiting for the visuals to ‘Daydream,’ you can listen to the audio below!

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