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Weekly Punk … With A Pop — Bops We Just Cannot Stop Talking About!

Weekly Punk … With A Pop — Bops We Just Cannot Stop Talking About!

Welcome to our new column, where we will have a weekly round-up of new Pop Punk, Emo & Alternative Music for you all in one place! From our ultimate faves to some hidden gems that we have unearthed, we hope you dig these tunes as much as we do!

Sub-Radio — ‘Disco’

‘Disco’ a fun romp through the dance floor! Getting all that energy out like an eager child waiting for Mommy or Daddy to shout ‘GO’ in a race. “Hard day of pushing papers. We’re off the grid, but we steal the energy. We play the game. We play the numbers.” The monotony of the day can be such a drag, so let loose with some disco! The song is fun and groovy, giving you a great work out if you just let loose and let your body feel the rhythm. Put on those wild neons and stress no more!

Janos — ‘Sicky/Sticky’

If you thought brass was only for classical music, then you might wanna check ya self. ‘Sicky/Sticky’ by Janos is a smooth little tune that might get a little “Sticky” in your ear. Find your freedom alongside this wonderful new artist that encourages the art of discovery. Soul and funk collide to find an all-natural high. With staccato vocals and a driving beat, we ask that you steal a little time for Janos, so you know it’s real.

Johnny Goth — ‘Waste’

Putting the Goth into Johnny Goth, this music video captures the culture beautifully while the music gives it a small revival. ‘Waste’ won’t waste your time being quirky, on the verge of creepy, ghosts and angels aren’t all that they seem. Sounding cryptic? With music that vibes of a doll themed horror movie and lyrics keeping you lovingly close. No matter what form infatuation takes, “The night will never end as long as I’m with you.” If you love lo-fi beats to study by and wear eye make up darker than your soul, check it out! You can also see Johnny on the big screen atm! Performing as nonother than the Joker in DC’s Birds Of Prey

Talking about his role in the movie, Johnny says, “I knew a few people working on the film and they had heard they needed someone to be the Joker and thought it would be sick if I did it. They needed someone with similar hands to Leto’s Joker and someone who would fit the costumes, so I just came in and turned out to be the same sizes, and they gave me the part. We filmed about a month after! There were big shoes to fill taking on this role as someone with no experience but we had a good time, and I hope to make my way back to the big screen soon.” We hope so too Johnny!

Four Year Strong — ‘Get Out Of My Head’

Four Year Strong deliver a strong performance with ‘Get Out Of My Head.’ It encompasses so many things we love about the rock genre. Insane guitar riffs, powerful drums, and vocals that dreams are made of. We are simply living for this track and cannot get enough of it, especially when the chorus hits! Speaking about the track the band says “‘ Get Out Of My Head’ is a song about a voice of self-doubt that tries to keep you from moving forward or getting anything done,” Alan Day and Dan O’Connor share on the new single “It’s about struggling to turn that voice off. You try and pretend its not there, but it’s so loud that it eats away at any ability you have to be who you want to be. It consumes you entirely. It’s about doing everything in your power to shut that voice up and overcome. You know the feeling. “

Four Year Strong have hit the road and you can grab tickets to see them on tour here!

Ocean Grove — ‘Thousand Golden People’

Our ears have been blessed with the track ‘Thousand Golden People’ by Ocean Grove. Ahead of their highly anticipated album Flip Phone Fantasy, this track packs the kinda punch we don’t mind getting! Frontman Dale Tanner delivers stunning vocals, and musically our minds are blown. We could not be more excited for an album release!

Speaking of the upcoming album Dale Says, “Rather than an album that streamlines in one direction of genre, ‘Flip Phone Fantasy’ has the capacity to be someone’s very own mixtape from start to finish. This record is the first of its kind, in that its sheer diversity will appeal to music listeners from all corners of the globe.”

We stan genre-defying diverse musicians and cannot wait to see what the rest of the album has in store for us!

Unconditional Arms — ‘Westbrae Sunrise’

If you ever needed a song that can help you escape and de-stress, ‘Westbrae Sunrise’ delivers just that. The beautiful instrumental piece can elevate your spirit and take your mind to another world seamlessly and has us eagerly anticipating the full album release from Unconditional Arms.

Formation is out April 3rd on Bay Area indie label Sell The Heart Records, run by Andy Pohl of Tsunami Bomb.

Middle Aged Queers — ‘Theme Song’

Middle Aged Queers have released ‘Theme Song’ ahead of their album release. A track that delivers a message of self-acceptance and embracing who you are!

“Our Theme Song is about loving yourself as a seasoned queer person in a culture that prioritizes youth and heteronormativity. The line ‘go fuck yourself’ is actually meant as a positive; masturbation should be sex with someone you love!” Says band frontman Shaun Osburn.

See Also

Album Too Fag For Love is set for release, March 13th, via the band’s label Outpunx Records, in collaboration with Sell The Heart Records.

Buckcherry — Acoustic Sessions Vol. 1, ‘Carousel’ & ‘Sorry’

While preparing their next studio album, the band Buckcherry has given us fans a real treat! They have created a digital-only series of acoustically recorded tracks that they will release periodically. In this edition, we have been treated to the beautiful ‘Sorry,’ which is truly elevated and stunning when stripped back to its acoustic form, and ‘Carousel.’ Both songs in their original form feature on platinum-selling album 15.  

Big Loser — ‘Pessimist’

Big Loser has delivered a quirky and entertaining video for the incredible track, ‘Pessimist.’ A song that delivers relatable lyrics in a truly enjoyable and catchy way. This is a track that will go off in the best way live, and we can easily envision becoming an anthem for Big Loser fans! The album, Love You, Barely Living, will be released on April 3rd.


We’re sad to say that is all we have for you in this week’s round-up of some of our alternative music faves. If we have missed out on one of your highlights, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Or send us a tweet to @TheHoneyPop we always LOVE to hear from you!

Featured Image: Bilge Zeynep | Words: Jodie Rose-Loren & Dakota Ash

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