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Gear Up Those Spotify’s Because We’re Bringing You The Ultimate Jonas Brothers Playlist

Gear Up Those Spotify’s Because We’re Bringing You The Ultimate Jonas Brothers Playlist

The Jonas Brothers have recently finished up their Happiness Begins Tour, their first world tour since getting the band back together. March 1 also marked the one year anniversary of when ‘Sucker’ was released, which marked the band’s official return. The reunion for us long time fans sent our emotions into overdrive, and you better believe we were the first in line for tickets.

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Now that tour is over, and the boys gear up to drop new music, we sat out to create the ultimate, 20 song Jonas Brothers fan playlist. So, gear up those Spotify’s or Apple Music accounts, and let’s get down to business!

‘What A Man Gotta Do’

This is the band’s most recent single, and saying it’s a whole ass bop would be an understatement. This song not only gets you on your feet and moving, but it’s also got some beautiful lyrics! It’s a great start to your playlist as it gets you (and whoever else is around) fired up and ready to party.

‘Love Her’

This beautiful track will have you slow-dancing around your living room, snapping along to the beat while you serenade those around you. It makes for the perfect addition to this playlist and adds a sentimental element.

‘Year 3000’

‘Year 3000’ is the classic to rule all classics. EVERYONE knows this song, and it’ll definitely be a crowd favorite from the very second the music starts playing. You’ll be singing at the top of your lungs and breaking out some sweet dance moves that are sure to impress!

‘I Believe’

This track is a beautiful testament to true love and all the amazing things your special someone brings into your life. With an indulgent beat and unbelievable lyricism, it perfectly sums up the feeling of being in love and will have listeners singing along in no time. It’s the perfect song to make this playlist that much sweeter.

‘Fly With Me’

This is an ultimate classic, and Nick girls everywhere feel their hearts scream when this song starts playing. The song’s piano accompaniment will add more intimacy to the playlist and have you all in your nostalgic feels.

‘That’s Just The Way We Roll’

Let’s pay homage to the early days of the JoBros with this classic. This song lives on in the hearts of Jonas fans everywhere. Its eclectic beats are easily recognizable from the first note, and the quirky lyrics keep fans reeling with excitement. Is it even a Jonas playlist if this song is not on the list? We think not!


This masterpiece of a song is off the boys’ comeback album, Happiness Begins, it’s sentimental and intimate. Every good playlist needs some dynamic ballads in the lineup, and this song is a perfect choice!


Jealous’ is one of our favorite songs from Nick’s solo career, and it is going to set fans ablaze as they stream their playlists just by hearing the familiar first notes. Whether streaming this playlist by yourself or entertaining guests, this song will get the party started!


‘Cool’ is one of the first singles released after the Jonas Brothers made their comeback after a very long hiatus. This song gets those feet tapping and those shoulders shimmying as listeners sing along to the upbeat lyrics. It really will be a crowd-pleaser if you entertain guests with your newfound playlist.

‘Before The Storm’

This Miley/Jonas duet will make even the shortest car journeys that much more fun. You and your travel companion can belt out the lyrics together or take it up a notch and sing it like the duet it is. It definitely gives this playlist an exhilarating twist.


Also, a Jonas Brothers classic, ‘Tonight,’ is an endlessly-playable track with lush lyrics and masterful beats. It’ll have you singing at the top of your lungs and dancing in your seat at red lights. We know it does us anyway.

‘Body Moves’

This one is from Joe’s separate band, DNCE. It’s a lesser-known song than some of their others like ‘Cake By the Ocean’ for example, but it is so upbeat, fun, and hot, hot, hot, so it needs to be added to this playlist!


One of our favorite songs off of Happiness Begins, ‘Strangers,’ will have you all in your feels every single time you hear it. Its mesmerizing lyrics have a way of hypnotizing you with their poetic nature, and the music feels your senses in a way no other Jonas Brothers song can. That’s why it’s on our ultimate playlist.

‘Burnin’ Up’

Do we even need to describe this classic? Every Jonas fan feels this song deep in their soul. The only acceptable version is the original with Big Rob’s rap verse. From the music and lyrics to the very memorable music video, we will be vibing along to this song when we’re grey and old!

‘Don’t Throw It Away’

This is arguably the best song from Happiness Begins, and it did not get the recognition that it so deserved. That’s why we are adding this work of art to our ultimate playlist. It deserves its time in the spotlight and to be heard.


THIS SONG!! This was it, the first song the boys released after they announced their reunion as a band. Fans were still a bit in disbelief that this comeback was happening, but it was! Because of this, ‘Sucker’ will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Jonas fans around the world.

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This song is iconic. It talks about real relationship struggles that people still go through today, and it’s also very nostalgic. We can guarantee every Jonas fan will have this one their list of Top 10 favorite Jonas Brothers songs.


This album, in general, doesn’t get enough love, but this song is so iconic it had to make our ultimate playlist. Its got dynamic guitar riffs and highly conceptual lyrics. Its high on our list of Jonas bops, and it deserves some love after all these years.

‘When you Look Me In The Eyes’

This song, to say the least, is breathtaking. From the emotionally-rich lyrics to the hypnotic way their voices harmonize so tenderly. Every Jonas Brothers fangirl will be swooning over this song. We still can’t get enough of this timeless song.

‘Hold On’

This is the ultimate song to end this playlist. A legendary classic, that not only will have you singing along, but will also make you feel like your life is a little bit better from hearing the meaningful lyrics. “Just Hold On” Jonas fans because it will get better!

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There you have it, our ultimate Jonas Brothers playlist! Did your favorite song make our list? If not, which song(s) would you add? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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