YeeHaw! Join Us On The Dance Floor To Line Dance With Jimmie Allen

Country star Jimmie Allen is here to make you tip your hats and slide into your cowboy boots! Not only is his song ‘Make Me Want To’ his second consecutive song to hit number 1 on the Billboard charts, but he is the first black artist to have two songs hit number 1 after he began his career!

With that said, we were wondering, what would be the best Jimmie Allen song to throw down a line dance too? Well, meet us out on the dance floor, and let’s find out!

Can we have this dance?

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5. This is Us – Featuring Noah Cyrus

Okay, an actual bop! Jimmie and Noah released this song, and the pop-country community exploded! These two legends teased a music video, and we can’t wait to see this song come to life!

4. American Heartbreaker

The dance floor was made for this song! It’s upbeat and keeps a steady beat, perfect for our swing dance date! If you need a song to add to your footwork practice playlist, this is the one for you!

3. Happy Hour

The embodiment of country music. Even if you don’t know how to line dance, this song is still going to make you get up and move! Pair this song with a red solo cup, and you’ve got yourself a honkytonk party!

2. Best Shot – Heyder Remix

This song is originally a slower song, yeah sure, but nothing a few beats here and there can’t fix! The original has us curled up in a blanket, but the remix will have you up on your feet dancing and doing all sorts of two steps. We stan a song that can do both!

1. Make Me Want To

The one you’ve all been waiting for! This song is one of his most famous songs and for a good reason! It tells a story about love and why it’s not always easy, but worth a try. We get it, and we’re here for it!

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Featured Image Source: Jimmie Allen Vevo For Best Shot Audio

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