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Five Times Jewel Left Us With ‘No More Tears’ Left To Cry

Five Times Jewel Left Us With ‘No More Tears’ Left To Cry

The 90s were such a time to be alive, and even if you weren’t quite yet, a great appreciation for music at the time is something anyone can enjoy. 90’s music, across all genres, was unlike any other. So we’re bringing to light a celebration of an album that rocked its time Jewel’s Pieces of You.  Celebrating the 25th anniversary of this album, Jewel reminds us that she’s still relevant in more than one way. This record defined Jewel between her swift decline of grunge and her rise to the pop icon she then became.

Jewel is one badass woman who holds multiple roles as a singer-songwriter, actress, author, mother, and advocate. She’s overcome a tough journey to be where she is now—growing up in Alaska with no running water, facing struggles as she lived as a homeless teenager in San Diego, and working to become an award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist, whose debut album was one of the best-selling of all time.

‘No More Tears’ Brings Us To Tears

Jewel has made it pretty clear that her mark in the music industry. Things are no different as she debuts a brand new gut-wrenching video for the heartfelt ballad ‘No More Tears.’ Dedicated to homeless youth in America, this video supports new film Lost In America that will roll out to theaters over the next two months. The music video itself features scenes pulled directly from the documentary.

Taking a dive into an epidemic of youth homelessness in America highlights the main issues around it. Sex trafficking, the failure of foster care systems, and the growing rejection of LGBTQ youth. Written, produced, and recorded by a former homeless youth Rotimi Rainwater, the inside advantage couldn’t be more real. Jewel herself, as well as Rosario Dawson, serve as the film’s executive producers. The film also features big names like Jon Bon Jovi, Halle Berry, Tiffany Haddish, Sanna Lathan, and more. “Being youth and homeless is obviously an issue that is very close to my heart, and this documentary is very personal to me, and why I chose to be a producer and get involved,” said Jewel. “I am honored to have written and performed this song for the documentary LOST IN AMERICA and to help bring awareness to this epidemic.” 

With the debut of this tear-jerking video, it only makes sense that we deliver a collection of all the times Jewel made us cry with her voice of an angel and lyrics so right we have to pull the car over. 

1. ‘No More Tears’

Of course, this one marks number one on our list. Do we even have to say more? Just watch this one, we promise you’ll cry.

2. Foolish Games

C’mon dudes; this one is the exact one that came to mind when we talked about pulling the car over. Jewel’s voice is straight-up magical in this. Plus, one of the most beautiful songs that was ever written, in our opinion.

3. ‘You Were Meant For Me’

Okay, for all you The Office junkies out there, this one is known best as Pam & Roy’s song. Which, in turn, means nothing, PAM AND JIM FOREVER. But, none the less this song is magical. Who doesn’t want a love like this? Heartbreaking my dudes. 

4. ‘Who Will Save Your Soul’

We can’t decide which part is making us cry, her smoking-good looks, or her voice. Damnit, they are both so FLAWLESS. So-so-soulful.

5. ‘Hands’

This song itself is just a gem. Jewel was eighteen and homeless when she wrote this song. If we are honest, we are writing this through teary eyes—just perfection.

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Our crush on Jewel is just as strong today as it was in the 90s, and her music is just as relevant as it was then. A true timeless artist, we are forever fans.

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What Jewel song gets you in your feels the most? Let us know by commenting down below or tweeting us over @TheHoneyPOP!

Featured Image Source: Jewel Official Facebook

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