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Fresh Music Friday: Katy Perry, NCT 127 Demi Lovato, and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Katy Perry, NCT 127 Demi Lovato, and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday! If this is your first stop at the hive, then we are here to let you know what we are buzzing about and cannot get enough of this week! If you have been here before, you already know you are in for a treat!

‘Never Worn White’ – Katy Perry

We’re kicking off Fresh Music Friday with a special song coming from Queen Katy Perry that has broken the internet. The dramatic piano-ballad is a beautiful love song to Fiancé Orlando Bloom. The breathy stripped-back serenade is one sure to be picked up by future betrothed couples for their first dances. And of course, the music video truly is quite something special as it’s the moment Katy announces she is pregnant with her first child! The perfect way to share such a special piece of news.

Listen to the single here

‘Kick It’ – NCT 127

NCT 127 have made a comeback and boy are they on top form! ‘Kick It’ is the lead single from their second full-length album NCT #127 Neo Zone and is a totally in-your-face smash that is full of the group’s fierce swagger and irresistible charisma. The catchy chorus is full of energy that’s sure to get the adrenaline high when performed live and the grimy instrumental cries out for flawless choreography that only a group such as NCT could really pull off. It’s been a long time coming for this comeback, but ‘Kick It’ is proof that it really was worth the wait.

Listen to the single here

‘I Love Me’ – Demi Lovato

Hot on the heels of her comeback single ‘Anyone‘, Demi delivers a much more upbeat and bouncy track ‘I Love Me’. The self-love anthem is a real call out to Lovato herself in regards to being too harsh on herself but is able to show a lot of love to people around her. It’s a topic that many of Demi’s fans – and society today – can relate to. The introspective pop bop has an undeniably compelling beat and will be sure to have you singing along, even when you don’t mean to. We at Fresh Music Friday can’t get enough of this song and love the message that it sends!

Listen to the single here

‘Who’ – Lauv ft BTS

Lauv has released his debut album ~how i’m feeling~ today and is full of big collabs, but most notably is KPOP phenomenon BTS. Their second collaboration together is a soft yet sorrowful crooning song that sings about a lover who they feel has changed over time and dealing with the fact they have grown apart. The melody flows like a lonesome waltz through emotions and pain for the brokenhearted and truly captures the hurt Lauv felt writing this track. This also marks BTS’s first full English collab and though it puts us in our feels, we are super proud!

Listen to the single here

‘The Steps’ – Haim

Haim are BACK and doing what they do best! ‘The Steps’ shows both visually and lyrically and internal battles that many of us have. However, Haim do it in a way that is both captivating and insanely catchy. This rock-pop track laced with up-tempo funk-style beats is a refreshing change from the trio but the style harbors the faultless Haim stamp we know and love! Their third studio album is on its way, Women In Music Pt III, and with the strong delivery of this track has us eagerly anticipating what other musical delights they may have hidden up their sleeves for us!

Listen to the song here

‘Daydream’ – The Aces

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Alt-pop girl band The Aces have served up their first taste of 2020 music in the form of their new single Daydream, Infused with nostalgia and sprinkled with glimmering guitars and slick basslines, the band’s first release since their debut album When My Heart Felt Volcanic is a thrilling electric banger which is full of playful authenticity and the perfect return to the music scene after a two-year release hiatus. It showcases a slight new style from the girls, with a glow-up featuring more of an electronic flare than we are used to. 2020 is going to be good to The Aces, we can really feel it!

Listen to the single here

‘Ocean Waves’ – Alaina Castillo

Alaina Castillo released an absolute bop with ‘Ocean Waves!’ Her delicate and angelic voice sings over music that feels mysterious and deep like the ocean, and at the beginning of the track, we actually hear some ocean waves. “Let the waves crash over my head and pull me deeper” will be stuck in our heads all day, along with “if the worst is yet to come, let me be forever young.” Might just be on our list of fave lyrics ever. Alaina Castillo has delivered an incredible vibe on this song and we couldn’t be happier!

Listen to the single here

Which of these songs from Fresh Music Friday will you be vibing to this weekend? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Featured Image Source: Rony Alwin |SM Entertainment | Austin Hargrave

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