Echosmith’s New Song ‘Everyone Cries’ Is Out And It’s Got Us Crying, Here’s Some Other Echosmith Songs That Make Us Cry Too

Echosmith’s New Song ‘Everyone Cries’ Is Out And It’s Got Us Crying, Here’s Some Other Echosmith Songs That Make Us Cry Too

One of our favorite trios in the music industry, Echosmith, just released ‘Everyone Cries,’ and now they’ve got everyone crying. It’s a song of hope and that you shouldn’t give up, while also holding the message that it’s okay to cry and let it out. It’s a personal song for the trio, especially as singer Sydney Sierota says she’s a very emotional person and relates to this song. The best thing about this song though is that it’s the first time Noah sings a duet with Sydney, and we. got. chills.

You can watch the emotional video below, and you’ll be able to see how the simple yet powerful video moved us to tears.

This isn’t the first time Echosmith made us emotional with their lyrics, here are some other songs of theirs that make us teary-eyed!

‘Last Forever’

Alright, we admit, this song is from their latest album Lonely Generation. We have to say that this album is bringing us some of their most emotional songs, and on the first listen to this dreamy song, we couldn’t help but get all in our feels.

‘Surround You’

Surround You is a slow love song, and you can feel the dreaminess of having such a sweet love. Emotional doesn’t always mean sad, it can mean that it’s too sweet (like honey!) and has us all in our feels for something so pure.

‘I Don’t Wanna Lose My Love’

Lonely Generation is turning out to be Echosmith’s most emotional album by far. This song about how she doesn’t want to lose the person she loves, she doesn’t want to let go. We can all relate to that feeling, and Sydney’s soft and sweet vocals throughout the song make us all emotional.

‘Follow You’

Yes, yes we know that this is the third song from Lonely Generation that we’re including in this list, but it’s in it for a good reason. This song is about a love that feels like you’ve found the one, it’s a sweet acoustic song with Syndey’s soft and delicate vocals. All of that combined makes it a song that we’re just here crying to it.

‘Cool Kids’

Yes, of course, we know this isn’t an emotional song. But maybe you can cry along with us that it’s their first hit and it comes from their first album back in 2013. They’ve come so far since this song and proud is an understatement. Now, we’re going to watch the video another time and get emotional over how much they’ve grown up. Come, be emotional with us.

So tell us, are you as emotional as we are right now? And saying the word ’emotional’ as often as we said it in this article? Which song has you in your feels the most? Let us know all of that and what you think of ‘Everyone Cries’ by dropping a comment or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image source: Image from ‘Everyone Cries’ music video

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