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Weekly Punk … With A Pop — Your Alternative Music One Stop Shop!

Weekly Punk … With A Pop — Your Alternative Music One Stop Shop!

We’re back at it again with your Weekly Punk With A Pop! It may have only been a week, but in that short space of time, we have been blessed with even more musical treats and discoveries from the world of alternative! So here are some of our faves that we have added to our playlists!


Till I Fall — ‘Walk With Me’

Today new and upcoming pop-rock band Till I Fall released the track ‘Walk With Me.’ This track has a great vibe, and we’re really loving the melody and the lyrics. Speaking about the song, the band says, “We hope to use ‘Walk With Me’ as an opportunity to grow as a band and to create a vibe that can help listeners reflect and find a sense of peace or encouragement.”

We have to say, we envision great things coming from Till I Fall, check out this bop, and let us know if you agree!

Charmer — ‘Doom’

Released on March 3rd, ‘Doom’ taken from the band’s upcoming album, Ivy, which drops April 3rd, is a powerful and emotive track that will go off live. The guitar work within this track is blissful perfection to the eardrums, and the lyrics are simply poetic. If you love pop-punk and/or emo, this is a song you NEED to check out!

My Kid Brother — ‘Pastels’

My Kid Brother was recently signed by Fearless Records and have proved with ‘Pastels’ that they are a force to be reckoned with! ‘Pastels’ displays the band’s male-female vocal interplay wonderfully. The fusion of piano with wistful psychedelic melodies, quirky guitars, as well as the delicious harmonies has us eagerly anticipating what this band has in store for us shortly!

X Ambassadors — ‘Belong’ EP

Multi Platinum-selling rock band X Ambassadors released the EP Belong today! The EP includes the recently released ‘Everything Sounds Like A Love Song’ and two other tracks, ‘Happy Home’ and the title track itself!

“This EP is a meditation on love, loss, and finding your place in the world,” says X Ambassadors lead singer Sam Harris. “Searching for a purpose, for a place where you Belong. Sonically, we took a deep dive into our Dad’s prized record collection and drew a lot from our favorite 60s & 70s soul/ R&B / and rock records. The emotion and simplicity of music from this era have always inspired us on a very deep level.”

We can feel the soul searching and influences within these songs and can only imagine how insanely powerful they will be live! The band is currently on the road right now, and if you have not already bought tickets to see them, you can grab some here!

Pronoun — ‘Song Number 1.5’

This track will truly hit you in your feels, this song is a tale of loss, and the absence of a loved one while finding constant reminders of them in everything you do. This acoustic song blends the emotions of the words beautifully with the vocals and is something very special. Speaking of the song, Pronoun AKA Alyse Vellturo says, “Song Number 1.5 is the first song I ever wrote in recorded back in 2015. It was before I ever thought about putting out music, I was just messing around by myself, zero idea what I was doing. It is a love song from way back when, and I’ve always been a super hesitant (and maybe a bit bitter), about sharing it. The other night, while I was dozing off, it popped into my head and I decided it deserves some light.”

It definitely does deserve some light, and you need to check this song out!

Charming Liars — ‘Golden State’

This song tales the story that many a band can relate too! Like many other bands, Charming Liars moved to LA to pursue their music dreams, and we are very lucky they did! ‘Golden State’ is a radiant, charming, and beautiful track. When paired with the video, it feels like we are taken along with the band on their journey to where they are now!

Charming Liars have been working with legendary producer, John Feldmann and we cannot wait to hear what else they have in store for us soon!

Ooh … We Got Some Tour News Too!


We could not leave you without letting you know the incredible Anti-Flag has added more dates to their North American tour! They are teaming up with Punk Rock Saves LivesAmnesty International USA, and HeadCount on this.

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Gogo Morrow Featured Image

“With every tour we do, we’re searching for creative ways to inject empathy into the show,” the band says about its latest initiatives. “These organizations are fantastic opportunities to share simple ideas, create tangible victories, and spread empathy. The social, economic, racial, and environmental justice we all seek is within our reach. The future we wish to see contains the work we all put in now. We hope these shows serve as rallying points for people to recognize in 2020 you’re not alone, in a world where the status quo is violent, bigoted, and predicated upon fear … to be kind is a radical notion and punk as fuck.”

You can get your hands on tickets here!


That is it for this week’s list, but let us know if we have missed out on one of your highlights drop us a comment below, or send us a tweet to @TheHoneyPop we always LOVE to hear from you!

Want to discover some more alternative bops? We gotchu!

Featured Image: Bilge Zeynep

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