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With Gaga Announcing 6 Exclusive Shows, We’re Imagining The Playlist Of Our Dreams!

With Gaga Announcing 6 Exclusive Shows, We’re Imagining The Playlist Of Our Dreams!

Little Monsters of the world UNITE! Our Queen Lady Gaga has announced tour dates, but it only has SIX shows, so you will need to get in there fast! 

The stops on The Chromatica Ball Tour will stop at London, Chicago, Paris, Boston, Toronto & E. Rutherford! Each ticket purchased in the United Kingdom will have a donation made to the Born This Way Foundation!


While we await being able to snag some tickets we started thinking with such a HUGE catalog of tunes, what would our dream Gaga setlist be?

Just Dance

To many of us, this was a song that started a revolution. The arrival of this bop is when Lady Gaga stepped out on to the music scene, and this track was easily one of the biggest songs of the year! ‘Just Dance’ still has the power to make your feet draw you to the dance floor and lose your mind in the music!


We know the odds are slim that Beyoncé would step out on stage for this duet, but our hearts still want it. ‘Telephone’ is an iconic song, and the video is an entity of its own with its Thelma & Louise vibes. The heart wants what it wants!

Hey Girl

This collaboration with Florence Welch would be iconic live! Even when we just blast this on our playlist, this song warms our hearts while sending a rush of goosebumps through us at the same time. Can you imagine the power this would hold in front of a live audience with Gaga and Florence belting out those lyrics?


This song holds so much power, its one of those songs that once you listen stays on a loop and replays over and over. A firm fan favorite, ‘Paparazzi,’ is one of those iconic Gaga tracks that would simply be a crime if it never made the setlist!

The Edge Of Glory

A dancefloor anthem of a generation our dream setlist would not be complete without ‘The Edge Of Glory.’ This song has so many levels and is so empowering and will forever hold a special place in our hearts!

Million Reasons

This is a change of pace, but also something we never knew we needed from Gaga. The emotion and soul at the heart of this song is moving and transfixing. Its the sort of song you can soak up along with the atmosphere that only a live performance can provide!


A staple in any Little Monsters playlist, ‘Pokerface’ with both its lyrics and iconic dance routine, is one of those songs that just go hard live! It makes you want to dance and chant the lyrics with your entire being and will eternally be THAT song!

Bad Romance

“GAGA OOH LA-LA!” Bad Romance will forever slap, and that’s just facts! One of our Queens biggest songs ever, a Gaga show, would not be a show without this bop!


From her Oscar-winning performance in A Star Is Born, we would just love to see this live again. After that Oscar performance, who would not want to relive Bradley and Gaga singing this in front of them? 

Born This Way

The anthem of acceptance and embracing who you are! ‘Born This Way’ encapsulates everything we love about Lady Gaga and what she stands for. It is a song too many that inspires and provides comfort in affirming yourself for who you are and learning to love yourself!

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Stupid Love

This song may be fresh, but is fastly becoming a fandom fave! ‘Stupid Love’ harnesses some of the energy previous songs Gaga has made with a modern twist. We just cannot help but turn up the volume when this song comes on the radio, and to see it live and in the flesh, we feel will add another dimension to this great track!


That is 11 of our hot picks, and we hope you agree! Tickets go on sale on March 13, and you can purchase them here

Will you be attempting to grab tickets for this tour? Did we include your fave Gaga track? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know!

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