5 Reasons Why … You Should Watch ‘On My Block’

5 Reasons Why … You Should Watch ‘On My Block’

Netflix is constantly releasing new original series that it’s so hard to keep up these days. It doesn’t help that we’re a society of repeat watchers who love to watch the same 5 shows over and over again. But that ends today because we’ve fallen in love with Netflix’s On My Block and we want you to fall in love with it too!

The coming-of-age dramedy follows the lives of four best friends as they navigate the everyday struggles of being high school students in South Central Los Angeles.

On My Block premiered in 2018 and is set to release its third season on March 11th which means you only have a few days to catch up if you haven’t been watching the series already.

Seriously though, you have to watch On My Block and here are 5 reasons why:

1. It’ll Open Your Eyes To A World You May Not Know

One of the things we love about On My Block is that it’s a traditional coming-of-age story but it feels completely different and new because it’s set in a world we don’t get to see on TV often. Not only do these four best friends have to deal with typical high school drama and stress, but they also are constantly dealing with the fact that they live in a neighborhood where two gangs are constantly fighting.

It gets even better though because On My Block doesn’t rely on the usual stereotypes and tropes you might expect. Instead, the series challenges audiences’ thoughts and opinions about gangs and makes us realize why some people chose or are forced into that lifestyle.

2. The Characters Are Diverse and are Positively Represented

Let’s be honest, we’ll watch a horrible show if we love the characters enough because characters are everything. Well, luckily On My Block tells an amazing story AND has amazing characters who are diverse and represent their communities positively.

The entire cast is actors of color playing characters of color which for Hollywood is almost unheard of. The amazing characters are more than just their races and ethnicity, they’re complex characters who make us feel empathy and sometimes even anger.

Monse is the show’s main character and she’s a kickass Afro-Latina who doesn’t take shit from her friends. She’s an aspiring writer who has dreams to get out of her town and change the world.

Cesar is a smart and empathetic teenager who is being forced into gang life by his older brother who is the leader of the Santos.

Ruby is often the voice of reason in the group if only his friends would listen to him. He tries to live up to the hyper-masculine model of men but really he’s just a giant softy.

And then there’s Jamal the anxious nerd of the group who can sometimes feel like the outsider but who is loved deeply by his friends.

See what we mean? The On My Block characters are in a league of their own when it comes to diversity and positive representation.

3. It’s Hilarious

We’ll admit there’s a lot of dramatic moments in On My Block but that just makes the comedic moments that much funnier when they hit. The characters have some hilarious dialogue and are always teasing each other about something. Oh, and they also make the greatest facial expression. Plus, they get into some wacky teenage antics from time to time like trying to find a rumored hidden treasure and trying to get out of playing football by faking injuries every week. And that’s just one character! Don’t even get us started on Jasmine aka the comedy queen of On My Block.

4. The Characters Are Relatable

Even though these kids are dealing with some pretty heavy things, they’re still typical teenagers like everyone else. They fall in love, go to parties, have big dreams, feel left out and insecure, and most importantly have fun. You’ll be able to see a bit of yourself in each of these characters and you’ll love and hate it all at the same time!

5. It Proves That You Can Find A Family In Your Friends

One of the most important lessons On My Block teaches us is that with good friends by your side you can get through anything. These four best friends have very different home lives but that doesn’t stop them from cultivating a family within their friend group. Through thick and thin Monse, Cesar, Ruby, and Jamal are there for each other no matter what. They are true ride or die friends and we’d love to be part of their quartet.

Now that you know why we love On My Block it’s time to binge-watch the show on Netflix. You can check out the trailer for the first season below:

And don’t forget the third season drops on March 11th! Here’s the trailer for season 3:

So, did we convince you to watch? We sure hope we did. Are you an On My Block fan already? What are your top 5 reasons to watch? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about ‘On My Block’:

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