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5 Reasons Why The Proud Family Was One of Disney’s Best Series

5 Reasons Why The Proud Family Was One of Disney’s Best Series

You heard right! Disney is bringing back The Proud Family and we at The Honey Pop have been unable to stop screaming ever since! Oh the nostalgia!

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The reboot is currently in production and will be airing on Disney+ soon! While there is no set premiere date just yet, so far, we’ve got the name of the new series: “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder.” Most of the original cast are set to be reprising their roles as well! These sobs are really just gonna get louder as the article goes on.

Before we get started, though, some context: The Proud Family originally aired on Disney Channel between 2001 and 2005. It ran alongside other Disney Channel Originals like Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Kim Possible and Brandy & Mr. Whiskers.

To prep old fans and new for the upcoming series, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why The Proud Family was one of the best animated Disney series ever:

1. The Diversity

The main cast is made up almost exclusively of characters of colour; they’re not just the side characters. The protagonist is an African-American female, and there’s a focus on cultural fashions and hairstyles.

Although the series is Afrocentric in nature, it definitely did its part to be as inclusive as possible. There’s an episode where Penny lives with a Muslim family during Ramadan, one where she dates Kwok, a Chinese-American boy who’s family is against their relationship, and one that focuses on celebrating Kwanza with a family living in a homeless shelter.

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2. The Issues it Dealt with Head On

The Proud Family encouraged kids to appreciate their family as they navigated puberty. Each episode included a moral lesson related to issues such as friendship, peer pressure, bullying, dating, race, sexism, cultural heritage or society.

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It spread positive messages that its young audience could relate to and learn from, with a special emphasis on the message that everyone deserves a place to feel welcomed. We are hoping the reboot remains rooted in this authenticity as it develops.

3. The Writing

So we’re all well aware that the writers were able to provided a brilliant social commentary on our lives and the times under the guise of a kids’ comedy. However, did you know that the series was chock-full hidden gems in the form of adult content as well? No wonder the show kept our parents engaged too!

4. The Music

In classic Disney style, the characters occasionally broke out into song and dance. The show had its own original music, and there were some real bops & bangers in there. Exhibit A:

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5. Suga Mama

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She was a badass. That is all.

Remember, this show was created in the very early 2000’s. It isn’t perfect, but we can hope the reboot relies less on certain stereotypes and outdated jokes, while still delivering quality entertainment.

If you’re drowning in nostalgia now too, or didn’t quite pick up on some of the more mature aspects of the show, there’s plenty of time to rewatch the original series on Disney+ before Louder and Prouder airs.

So what are you waiting for? Get on it, then tweet us (@thehoneypop) the best The Proud Family moments that completely went over your head as a kid!

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