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Bazzi Is Back With ‘Young & Alive’ So It’s Our Time To Thrive!

Bazzi Is Back With ‘Young & Alive’ So It’s Our Time To Thrive!

Multi-platinum selling singer Bazzi is back with one heck of a bop from his forthcoming project! ‘Young & Alive’ is insanely good and has us eagerly anticipating what else his upcoming release will have in store for us!

The song itself was written and produced by Bazzi alongside long time collaborator Kevin White of Rice N’ Peas. This is the first new music for fans since the August 2019 release of his mixtape, Soul Searching. 

Speaking about the song Bazzi says “‘ Young & Alive’ was really me just getting back to my roots and looking for that youth in myself again. It’s interesting because this song has such a bright, full of life type energy to it, but when making it, I didn’t feel that way. When making it, I was in a darker place and while making it, I was almost opening myself up back to that and going back to that pure kid-like state which we all chase, and that’s where the magic was, that present-ness. ‘Young & Alive’ is me trying to capture that feeling and give it to people, so we can share it and find warmth in it. I hope the world enjoys.”

If you’re looking for a song that is refreshing yet still can make you feel nostalgic, this is the song for you. Bazzi can make the listener of his music feel many emotions all at once and does so eloquently. The song is extremely relatable, while also being incredibly catchy and vibrant. We consider this is a song that is extremely deserving of being added to your playlist and even more deserving of you turning the volume up when you hear it begin!


Are you loving the track as much as we are?  Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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