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Five North And Their New Album Are Anything But A Mess

Five North And Their New Album Are Anything But A Mess

Pop punk and Tyler Posey are two things that you would not believe go together. Well believe it because his pop punk band Five North is killing the game.

Five North’s debut single ‘This Mess’ dropped in October of 2019 and it is so wonderfully pop punk. From the trademark pop punk vocals and guitar rifts to the angsty lyrics and heavy screaming, it’s clear to see that Tyler Posey’s love for punk rock/pop punk has been infused into this song. It’s the type of song that we’d love to hear while in the pit at a show.

Oh and did we mention that there’s a horror movie/Teen Wolf-esque parody music video that goes with it?

But wait, that’s not all! Five North’s debut EP Scumbag is here too! The EP, released on March 6th, includes not only ‘This Mess’ but other notable tracks like ‘Drunk Cat’ and ‘Happier Now.’ Like ‘This Mess,’ these tracks also have a classic pop punk feel to them and we can’t stop ourselves from jamming out to the whole EP. Seriously. Do yourself a favor and check out Five North because you won’t regret it!

You might recognize Tyler Posey from the hit TV show Teen Wolf which ended its six year run in 2017. What you might not know is that Tyler Posey has been heavily involved in the pop punk scene for a few years now. Here’s a list of some of his best pop punk moments:

Prior to being a member of Five North, he was part of another band called PVMNTS

Image Source: Lauren Brown

Tyler left PVMNTS and went on to be a part of Five North but no worries, it was all on good terms!

Tyler Has Shared the Stage With Some Notable Names in Pop Punk

In addition to his own pop punk musical prowess, he shared the stage with bands like State Champs and All Time Low in the past. He performed ‘Elevated’ with State Champs and joined All Time Low onstage at the 2015 MTV Fandom Awards.

From sharing the stage with ATL to performing with Five North, Tyler Posey has a solid pop punk career ahead of him
Image Source: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

He attended the Alternative Press Music Awards in 2016.

In case you missed out on the insanity that was the Alternative Press Music Awards, the best way to sum it up would be that all of pop punk’s notable names attended an awards show together and it went down exactly how you’d think. Tyler Posey was there of course, walking the carpet, hanging out with the bands and doing something a little special.

He moderated the “presidential debate” between Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat at the 2016 Alternative Press Music Awards. What a time huh? We gotta say, he did pretty good.

So now that you have evidence that Tyler Posey has some serious pop punk cred, do yourself a favor and give Five North some love! It’s easy to see that they have a bright future ahead of them in the world of pop punk and we’re definitely gong to be keeping an eye out for them, and you should too!

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What’s your favorite song off of Scumbag? What artists would you want to see Five North tour with? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop!

If you wanna see what Five North does next, or if you just like pop punk, check this out!

To learn more about Five North:

Featured Image Source: Five North

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