Let’s Celebrate 50 Years Of Paul McCartney’s ‘McCartney’ With 5 Of Our Favorite Songs!

Let’s Celebrate 50 Years Of Paul McCartney’s ‘McCartney’ With 5 Of Our Favorite Songs!

5 decades. 50 years. That’s what we are celebrating today, the legend himself, Paul McCartney, who released his classic solo album, McCartney, in April 1970, and it’s nearly the anniversary of its release. He released the album 1 month before The Beatles’ swansong, ‘Let It Be,’ was released. McCartney sang, wrote and played every song on the record, and his wife Linda sang backing vocals. A very impressive feat, but what do you expect, it’s Paul MF McCartney!

Paul McCartney
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In honor of the album’s 50th anniversary, Paul and his crew are releasing a limited edition vinyl of the album for Record Store Day. The vinyl was pressed from a master cut by Miles Showell at half speed using the original 1970 master tapes at Abbey Road Studios. It was made as a vinyl specific transfer in high resolution and without digital peak limiting for the best possible reproduction.


Side one:
‘The Lovely Linda’
‘That Would Be Something’
‘Valentine Day’
‘Every Night’
‘Hot as Sun-Glasses’
‘Man We Was Lonely’

Side two:
‘Oo You’
‘Momma Miss America’
‘Teddy Boy’
‘Singalong Junk’
‘Maybe I’m Amazed’

We here at The Honey Pop, thought we would honor this release by sharing 5 of our favorite songs from the record, so Mr. Paul McCartney, this is for you!

‘Maybe I’m Amazed’

We’re officially declaring this the most beautiful song ever written. You can’t change our minds on this, so don’t even try. Just listen to the breathtaking lyrics and the incredible instrumentals. It’s a masterpiece!

‘That Would Be Something’

This song has the typical 70’s sound we were used to hearing from The Beatles, and Paul carried it over into his solo music masterfully. It’s also pretty catchy, so how could you not enjoy this song.

‘The Lovely Linda’

This song may only be less than a minute long and is more a song snippet than a full-blown track, but it is so sentimental and pure and makes our heart’s swoon at the cute lyrics. Who wouldn’t like this song?!

‘OO You’

The guitar riffs in this song are just straight-up phenomenal. McCartney gives us an ultimate feel-good song with this track. It’s inviting you to sing along and dance at the same time, and just hearing the catchy beat will make any bad day that much better.

‘Momma Miss America’

This song may not have any words, but it doesn’t need them. The beat is endlessly-playable and lures you in to dance from the moment it starts playing. This is the perfect song to listen to when you’re determined to get things done. Trust us, play it next time you need some motivation, and it’ll have you going in no time.

There you have it Honey poppers, which song off Paul McCartney’s McCartney album is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Paul McCartney:

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