Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Metal Mondays 🎸💥

Rocking right into the week, we’re back with a serious case of Metal Mondays. A heavy line up, we have some bands we’ve loved a long time, and some others you might not know yet. Know them or not, we think you should, and we’re about to tell you all about them. 

No newbie to The Honey Pop, we’ve got a band we’ve come to know and adore:

The Amity Affliction


Here at The Honey Pop, we have made it pretty evident that we are big supporters of The Amity Affliction. Featured before, we’re here again to hit home all the reasons we love them. Today, featured on the sick-ass line up that is Metal Mondays because of the drop of their latest album. A perfect combination of raw honesty, hooks that can haunt, straight-up grooves, and riffs for days, we can’t help but shoutout these guys and this record. Via Pure Noise, Everyone Loves You Once You Leave Them.

Focusing on mental illness and the stigma that surrounds, The Amity Affliction opens up more than ever before, while providing us with their heaviest sound. We’ve chosen to feature the song ‘Forever’ vocalist Joel discusses his bipolar diagnoses as he balances between happiness and despair, with a perfect chorus to coincide. Turn this record on when you need your day a little better; follow their journey as you follow your own.



Trivium shares new song ‘Catastrophist’ as the announcement of new album What The Dead Men Say gets fans excited. Due out April 24th, via Roadrunner Records, this song has us hype for what comes next. This Grammy-nominated band contains members Matt Heafy (vocals, guitar), Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass), and Alex Bent (drums).

This first single is on new album and embodies everything that is Trivium. Past, present, and future, one hundred percent. Catch them doing their thing most of 2020 as they tour this summer with Megadeth and Lamb of God.

In This Moment


In This Moment shares new song ‘Hunting Grounds’ and it has a sick ass feature from Joe Cotela of Ded. The announcement of their new album Mother coincides with their spring headlining tour with Black Veil Brides and Ded, and that is enough to get us lacing up our doc martins. This track haunts (in the best way) as it uses vocal interplay and perfection of lyrical tension as vocal masterminds Maria Brink and Coltela intertwine. Creating a game of cat and mouse with this chorus, we’re getting all Tom & Jerry because this could go on forever.

Employed To Serve


Employed To Serve, working five-piece have landed their way onto our list with the release of ‘Harsh Truth (Relived).’ A remixed version of a past release now features guest vocals from Stray From the Path’s Andrew Dijorio.

Singer Justin Jones says that ‘Harsh Truth (Relived)’ “is a reminder that past demons have a habit of rearing their ugly heads again, and that doesn’t spell defeat.” Taking the song to a whole new level with guest vocals, the selection of Andrew Dijorio was natural, as he was perfect for the job. Articulating his words with a sort of venom adds the ideal amount of aggression to the track’s previously massive presence. It’s so killer; it wouldn’t make sense not to feature them here.

Azusa + Metal Injection


Azusa + Metal Injection. Well, from the name alone, you should get the hint, and if not, listen to their new song ‘Detach’. Straight off new album Loop Of Yesterday out April 10th via Solid State. Globally-based band features Eleni Zafiriadou (Sea + Air), bassist Liam Wilson (The Dillinger Escape Plan), guitarist Christer Espevoll (Extol), and drummer David Husvik (Extol). 

‘Detach’ slams us with heavy grooves and some serious percussion. Honing in on lyrics that take a deep dive into the life and the inevitable downward spirals, it’s super relatable. This album will deliver us fans with the band on solid ground. A lot more to say, but much less to prove. Don’t sleep on this Metal Mondays find.

August Burns Red


Finishing off intense this week with a band you’ve probably seen featured on The Honey Pop before, August Burns Red. Although this is the first time they’ve been featured on Metal Mondays, we’re sure it won’t be the last. They’ve dropped a new song ‘Bones,’ and damn does it SLAP. Off of their upcoming album Guardians, due out April 3rd via Fearless Records, they’ve made us beyond hype for their upcoming tour this spring with Killswitch Engage.

This heavyweight track ‘Bones’ is a song about stepping back and realizing the importance of preservation of culture. How can we not respect a song like that? With a combination that is both hard and catchy, August Burns Red has hope that this one will stick in your head for days.

Let us know what you thought about Metal Monday by commenting down below or tweeting us over @thehoneypop

Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop Graphic Team

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