Selena Gomez Releases Live Performance of ‘Feel Me’

Selena Gomez Releases Live Performance of ‘Feel Me’

Taking us back to 2016, Selena Gomez gives us a beautiful live performance of ‘Feel Me’ from her Revival Tour in Las Vegas. This comes after her putting it on the vinyl edition and as a digital bonus track on her newest album, Rare that came out earlier this year.

The song was originally supposed to be released a few years ago before being officially released late last month! The track was wanted so badly by fans that it made it’s way on the Billboard Hot 100 soon as it was made available.

Gomez looks ethereal in the clip from the past, donning a beautiful white gown blowing in the fan on the stage.

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Throwback to Feel Me on the Revival Tour!

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Cutting to clips of the crowd and stunning footage of her owning the stage, we can’t thank Gomez enough for a look into the past of this beloved song off of Rare.

Take a look at the live performance of ‘Feel Me’ below and let us know what your favorite song off of Rare is @thehoneypop or tell us over on Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Selena Gomez via Instagram

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